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Escorts teach you to be more confident

As escort girls, we all go through times when we feel so insecure that we don’t even want to leave the house. We isolate ourselves from others and remain in our glass globe until we realize it is time to give up. We blame ourselves for how we look, for who we are, judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else could judge us, and berate ourselves for even the most minor things. Some would say it’s just a whim or fad.

Well, it’s not like that… I think that these kinds of phases that we go through more often or less often are the ones that contribute to our further development. The moments when we don’t feel beautiful or trust ourselves can be the most precise mirror for a retrospective and an improvement in our everyday life. At Horny Escorts, we found confidence and courage!

After a few talks, I once met a girl who made me realize what could be the reasons for our insecurities.

In addition to the fact that today’s society promotes physical perfection, and more and more girls resort to unimaginable strategies to attract attention (which we already know and observe daily), it seems that the most significant source of the lack of trust is the closest people, our parents or good friends. Well, how? Shouldn’t they be the ones who lift us, help us and motivate us? Not always…

On the contrary, the closest people with a simple word or their attitude towards us can tear us down. I was deeply disappointed when I found out from the girl that her father was the reason she didn’t trust her at all. Words like “you’ll never succeed, you see what you look like in the mirror, you make me laugh with the way you look until you lose weight, we’ll cut off all ties, you’ve seen what x looks like, you think you’ll achieve something in life with the faculty you are doing”.

These are words that can knock one down, that, in years, can transform a child full of confidence into one with clipped wings.

Physical beauty, a clear face, an attractive smile, and a confident walk are things related to personal experiences, the people we have behind us, the right words at the correct times, to our attitude towards those who, from their insecurities, drag us and us after them. I realized that the things we have to do to feel more beautiful day by day are not necessarily the superficial ones related to what we eat, our daily training, and what cream we use – well, they also help in some way measure – but what we need to do to feel good in our skin is something more, a detox from the toxic things and people in our lives.

In short, here are five ideas to consider in your daily life to feel more physically and mentally beautiful.

  1. Let go of toxic people in your life!

I also started above to tell you something about this subject, something that, once done, can contribute to beneficial changes in your life. Although letting go of the people who may once have been everything to you is seemingly impossible, you will have to start sorting at some point. Surround yourself with people who help you grow, who have the same principles of life, who charge you with positive energy, not with people who, when you succeed, will be envious, who will drag you down and be ungrateful towards you.

  1. Fight for a goal!

Whether we’re talking about a goal like – I want to lose 5 kg by x or a big one – I want to learn German by y, always stick to it and fight for what you want to achieve, no matter what you hear left and right. When you occupy your mind with something extraordinary, you will feel yourself contributing to your inner beauty daily.

  1. Smile often!

It’s the smile that will not only make you feel beautiful but also make you look beautiful! Enjoy the minor things around you, and don’t forget to smile. I realized this little thing’s importance when someone said, “You know, I noticed that you don’t smile in any of the pictures. Do you have a problem?” The warmth you transmit through your smile will attract people and fill you with a beautiful mood.

  1. Stay positive!

Have you ever had a conversation with a highly negative person who took out all their frustrations on you and felt like you were going to explode? I did it. Often. And I realized that out of politeness, I couldn’t refuse people who come up to me and start telling me about all the blackness in their lives. Instead, I realized I needed to be more immune—not indifferent to the man, but to the negative things. It’s essential to stay optimistic no matter the circumstances. To see the solution to any problem, don’t dramatize and step confidently through any situation.

  1. Spend quality time with quality people!

When you do things that matter and fill your time with activities that develop you intellectually, you will notice how everything will take a positive turn in your life. You will feel that you are finally doing something good, that people look at you differently, and that you can talk about any topic, and your confidence will automatically increase. Small things can make significant changes, and being surrounded by people you can learn from every day and also being involved in different activities, whether we’re talking about a book club, about leadership courses, about lessons in guitar and others, all can later have a significant effect in your life.

Betty, 24 years old: “My beauty ritual starts first thing in the morning with stretching and a bit of dozing off. I wouldn’t say I like to get out of bed suddenly, and if time permits, I prefer to stay for a few minutes after waking up to think about what I dreamed about, interpret my dreams and focus on a beautiful day ahead of me waiting fresh as a white sheet of paper.

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