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What are erotic fantasies?

Erotic fantasies are erotic experiences imagined by a person. Their basis can be factual (and can consist of a pleasant sexual experience in the past) or not (in which case everything related to it is imagined by the respective individual).

Most of them are exciting when imagined, although people realize that maybe putting them into practice will not give them the same feelings and pleasures.

Fantasies can be simple or elaborate (involving sounds, lights, several characters, or even a story and a plot), short (when they consist of images with an erotic connotation and connotation), or can last a bit longer. The reasons why they appear are numerous and very diverse: from reaching orgasm to falling asleep faster or more quietly.

Erotic fantasies are universal experiences that appear at certain moments of individual development. They can be positive, negative or combined. Past experiences influence them and, in turn, can affect the future sexual behaviour of an escort girl, for example.

The importance of sexual fantasies

Fantasies are considered part of normal sexual behaviour by the Escort Agency‘s clients. They increase the feeling of pleasure during regular sexual intercourse or masturbation (this is much more common in the case of men). They are essential in sexual stimulation and excitement, maintaining increased libido, sexual appetite and the desire to have sex.

Erotic fantasies can significantly improve the sexual life of the couple and can enhance any existing sexual problems. Some people need these fantasies to reach orgasm.

Fantasies can be a regular part and a defining stage in sexual or psychosexual therapies (within them, women who cannot reach orgasm typically are encouraged to have sexual fantasies and to masturbate regularly).

Erotic fantasies are normal!

Erotic fantasies are considered normal; most people experience such sensations. They are part of human sexuality and have an auxiliary role in sexual life as usual and pleasant as possible.

Sexual fantasies are, as their name says, simple dreams, imaginings, and fruits of everyone’s imagination. They are risk-free and, most of the time, delightful – so pleasant that they bring the individual to orgasm. In his world, everyone is free to experience whatever he wants – everything is allowed, no matter how extravagant it may seem.

They can be very ordinary or downright bizarre. Fantasies appear at any time of the day and are most often created from the individual’s desire to free himself from sexual restraints and to imagine exciting scenarios.

Those with the most erotic fantasies seem to be introverts who daydream. The stories may include rape, kidnapping, castration or any other form of sexual contact, no matter how violent.

Although a series of themes are more frequently encountered in sexual fantasies, any object or action can be eroticized.

Most people with erotic fantasies know they remain only in the desired stage and will not materialize. Sometimes, the fact that they are forbidden makes them even sexier and excites the one who imagines them so much.

Fantasies do not necessarily reflect the sexual behaviour, needs or desires of the individual regarding sex. For example, many people have homoerotic fantasies, but that does not make them gay/lesbian.

The most frequent fantasies include: reliving a unique or enjoyable sexual experience and imagining intense sex with the current partner or with a stranger. Then follows: receiving and offering oral sex, sex in various romantic locations, forced sex or sexual positions as diverse as possible.

Male fantasies contain many physical details (they are very “anatomical”), while women’s stories are much more emotional and affective. Although specialists accept them as perfectly usual, sexual fantasies are sometimes seen differently by society. In many places, erotic dreams are taboo, which individuals are too embarrassed and ashamed to talk about and which they do not readily admit.

Western civilizations accept erotic fantasies as belonging to everyday sexual life, as natural elements with a positive influence on sexuality. However, although many cultures take dreams, people still try to feel guilty for having such thoughts. This idea can lead to the appearance or worsening of sexual dysfunctions or problems over time.

Putting sexual fantasies into practice

Some people want to practice their fantasies with their partner, considering this a powerful sexual stimulant. However, it must be assumed that what is pleasant in thought may be less friendly in practice (especially if it is about more bizarre or violent sexual practices). Therefore, the fantasies should first be discussed with the partner, and only if they agree can they be put into practice.

Before the actual practice, one should consider the following:

– the verbal expression of approval of the fantasy – if the partner says “yes”, you can move on; otherwise, not, because you can very easily cross the line between pleasure and discomfort

– the existence of violent actions – most fantasies do not involve violent acts, but if their practice affects the partner (physically or mentally), it should not be done

– the way those involved feel – there should be no feeling of pressure; no one should be forced to do something they don’t want. Fantasies mean pleasure, so anything that spoils it must be excluded or changed to please everyone.

If one of the partners expresses his desire to realize an erotic fantasy, the other is not obliged to accept, regardless of the reason. Sex can be just as pleasant even without certain erotic practices, no matter how much it seems to excite the one who imagined them. Sex involves freedom – including the freedom to say no. If the partner disagrees and does not want and feels uncomfortable putting a fantasy into practice, the person next to him must accept, understand and not insist.

There is also the version in which the fantasy seems attractive only in the individual’s imagination, and its practice somewhat diminishes its effect and intensity.

In this situation, the partners can have regular sex. Still, they can imagine they are in a completely different scenario:

  • They are having sex with someone else.
  • The partner is the other.
  • The setting is completely changed.

Thus the situation becomes much sexier, and the fantasy can be even more exciting.

Some couples constantly practice their fantasies, giving them genuinely passionate sex parties. But even in these situations, if the practices become harder than initially intended or one of the partners wants or no longer creates pleasure, they must be stopped.

The best thing, experts recommend, is for erotic fantasies to be accompanied, when applied, by various sexual positions. Variety and especially creativity are significant.

The risks associated with erotic fantasies

Most erotic fantasies are not dangerous at all. They are only products of the imagination that do not necessarily have to be put into practice. They accompany regular sexual intercourse (with a partner) or masturbation and belong to everyone’s inner world.

Suppose the fantasies start to replace everyday sexual practices or the individual becomes obsessed with their application (especially violent ones). In that case, problems could arise, and a specialist should be consulted.

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