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Caressing escort girls

Did you know that the most significant sexual organs of the human body are the brain and the skin? Our escort girl in Chelmsford wrote this blog to help you understand the importance of caressing when having a good time with an escort girl from our Escort Service in Chelmsford.

The brain is the primary sexual organ.

The commands throughout the body start from it. The skin, however, as a surface, is the largest sexual organ. The two are closely related. Certain areas of the skin have receptors that transmit messages to the sexual centres in the brain. When you touch your escort girl in Chelmsford, you send a message that is registered in the sexual centre of the brain. From here, another message is sent to the genitals to prepare for sexual intercourse.

And because I wanted to tell you about the art of caressing, giving you as many details as possible to arouse your curiosity, I started searching. I found some great and exciting information. A couple of pleasant touches lead to the release of oxytocin in the body. This hormone makes your escort girl in Chelmsford feel good “skin-to-skin contact stimulates the production of oxytocin and releases endorphins that increase feelings for someone”.

In a sexual relationship, one of the biggest desires of the two is to touch each other everywhere. The pleasant sensations offered by skin-to-skin contact are so intense that even underwear seems like a barrier that must be removed quickly for the joy to be complete. When you and your escort girl in Chelmsford touch, the hands convey your thoughts or desires, and the person connected will interpret them physically and feel the intention behind the touch. This is the language of communication.

Touch is an almost forgotten language for most people. And that’s because many of them consider it synonymous with sex. Many escort girls rarely receive or give a truly loving touch. The body is seen as a mechanism, in the idea that you have to present yourself well with it and fit in with the requirements of that moment.

The science of physical touch derives from love and reverence for the miracle of life in its physical form.

Pleasure, ecstasy, orgasm, natural intuitive intelligence, the thought process, intuition, inner knowledge, wisdom, physical or emotional experiences and love – these qualities can be manifested only through our body.

One of the essential features of touch is the ability to attract awareness to the body. Because we tend to rise to the mind and disconnect from the body, touch is the most effective way to “come down” back into the body. Touch is loaded with love, tenderness, affection and care at any moment of life and not only when we have sex. Developing consciousness and sensitivity to the body is a prerequisite for increasing love and ecstasy.

Touch manifests itself in countless ways:

Touch loaded with love, tenderness, affection, and care is a specific type of touch. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected type of touch. Hands must be relaxed when you touch or caress your escort girl in Chelmsford. Because many of us do not receive enough communication in childhood, we are not open or feel awkward in front of this form of expression. It can take quite a long time before we feel the need for that moment of touch, or most of the time, we are unaware of this need.

Sexual touch

It is used to excite the partner before and during the sexual act. Unlike the touch charged with love, this type of touch is the most often used. People very rarely touch each other for non-sexual reasons. Through this type of touch, desire is communicated.

Conscious touch

It is a type of touch that involves the involvement of both partners. The bodies lose their density and become a kind of fluid energy: the one who loves and the one who is loved merge and become the same body.

Hands are susceptible instruments through which we can communicate. A simple touch can say a lot. When you touch your escort girl in Chelmsford, your hands will convey your thoughts or wishes, and the connected person will somehow interpret them physically and feel the power behind the touch. This is the language of communication. Between lovers, as the relationship progresses, touch is used mainly to create the excitement necessary for sexual intercourse. It is a touch with one purpose: getting a reaction from the partner.

The language of touch can also mean massage. It doesn’t matter which technique you use; the important thing is that your bodies are glued to each other. Concentrate on the touches and be attentive to what you are doing.

Remember that your hands can convey even the most hidden thoughts.

The most important thing is that when you have a massage, you enjoy it. If you like what you do, especially if you are attracted to your escort girl in Chelmsford, she will feel all your love.

Giving and receiving are two complementary opposites – you cannot have one without the other. People look for such sensations when they engage in a sexual act. Cultivating touch can improve you and bring you new experiences in your sex life.

The healing touch reconnects you with the whole. Many therapeutic traditions are based on the understanding that the physical body is a dynamic process in the energy continuum. The conscious touch propels the partners into an energetic circle where both disappear in a “here and now” experience. The partners who make love merge into an indivisible whole. The bodies lose their density and become a kind of fluid energy.

When you make love, caress your escort girl in Chelmsford with relaxed and loving hands without a specific target or expectation. Then your touch will be an outpouring of love, tenderness, appreciation and gratitude. The technique is not necessary; what matters is that the touches are loving and conscious, that you are present and happy. Caress each other without prejudice and restraint, as it pleases and satisfies you, in a state of sensitivity, total openness and balance.

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