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Drinking anti-ageing products?

The escort girls from this Escort Agency always talk about it. To age well (let’s say it another way: stay young longer), it is unfortunately not enough to spread cream on the 20 square cm of the skin of the face. It is also wholly extraordinary to believe that our head floats alone in the air, totally detached from the rest of the body and that if you manage to “erase the wrinkles”, you will immediately look younger, except that . .. if at the same time you are hunched as impossible, “stiff” (totally stiffened muscle fascias), wrinkles or not you will look “aged”, alas.


However, when we say “anti-ageing”, most people immediately think of “anti-wrinkle face”. It’s been recorded in the cortex since our youngest age: all the beauty magazines boasted “miracle creams to rejuvenate”! “Chance of life” are brands that produce these “miracle creams” which finance the existence of the said works (magazines live on the money of advertisers, the money from sales does not allow them to self-finance).

Except what’s the point of a brand telling you that your youth and the quality of your skin are 90% dependent on what you eat/drink/what air you breathe/what quality of life you have (smoke, get enough sleep, stressed on the go or live by a Swiss lake?)? No one is going to buy these creams. Let’s see. Logically, “youth” communication has always revolved around cosmetics because it’s the business model of our time. That’s what “sells”.

I’m not saying cosmetics are useless, not at all! There is no “cosmetic or healthy life” fight. It’s WITH each other! But it’s not one OR the other, see? Cosmetics make it possible to improve the quality of the skin (radiance, grain, fine lines of dehydration, elasticity, etc.). It plays a big part in our “young” appearance, but… it’s not enough.

Think about one thing: our cells are constantly renewing themselves! Each cell in our body, including our epidermis and dermis, has a life cycle: birth, life, and death. How, then, are the new cells “constructed”? They use what you eat as “bricks / raw material”. That’s why no one can live without eating (you won’t have enough to renew your cells).

We are what we eat, literally!

The quality of the nutrients you send to your intestines reflects your appearance. This is why illnesses due to deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals are generally seen quite easily with the naked eye by a seasoned and competent doctor (anaemia – lack of iron – was “read” at the time by an extreme whiteness of the fabrics). If you only “fuel” on cheese and junkie food, also accept that the quality of your skin will not be the same as that of someone who eats vegetables and unprocessed food. There’s nothing “political” about it, just a simple observation of the facts. Everyone chooses what they want/can.

In this light, the interest in food supplements appears: they do not replace balanced food but allow us to provide things we miss because of our way of life / natural ageing.

This is also what the brands that market Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to drink stipulate: with age, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen production decreases, so it would be helpful to bring it directly, not the oral route. Is it that simple?

All last year and in 2019, I interviewed those I could to find out their point of view on this subject (Liudmila, my dermatologist, and another microbiologist I had met during a press meeting). Of course, I didn’t question the brands since they weren’t going to tell me, “don’t buy my product. It’s useless”.

I summarize the standard points to know:

  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen are “large molecules”: they do not pass the intestinal walls and cannot be assimilated as is. If you thought drinking hyaluronic acid would lodge directly in your skin, it doesn’t work like that.
  • “Ricochet” effect: Conversely, there is a way to influence collagen production (by your body, therefore). I schematize that your digestive system’s “large molecules” are crushed. They arrive in “fragments”. These fragments “in quantity” (since you added them artificially) are perceived by the body as a warning signal “too much collagen debris, there is therefore not enough, it must therefore be reproduced”. In addition, fragments of the collagen molecules you have swallowed are more minor, can be assimilated and are therefore used to rebuild new collagen. It’s a bit like giving a child a built lego castle. They tear it down and then rebuild it.


I had encountered a natural “no way” for hyaluronic acid from those I had questioned. Everyone told me the same thing: if it were so simple, no one would need to inject hyaluronic acid into worn joints (this consists of injecting HA), and it would suffice to give people concerned with beverages containing hyaluronic acid. It does not work, and the doctors must use the syringe to bring it on the spot (into the joint) since neither topically nor orally does it passes.

MY EXPERIENCE: I still wanted to check (history). I drank hyaluronic acid for almost three months (that of Fountain, Deciem). No results. I didn’t see anything at all.

CONCLUSION: you can try if you want to see for yourself, but according to people who know about it (microbiologists and dermatologists), it’s useless (even the fragments of hyaluronic acid in the tube digestive are not assimilated).


For collagen, it’s different. Everyone agrees that oral collagen fragments can be assimilated and used as “lego bricks” to build new collagen molecules. So yes, collagen supplements do work. In other words: you drink the collagen, the digestive tract “hulls” it into amino acids, the body receives a signal “, too much collagen debris, warning it must be reproduced quickly”, it digs into the amino acids that you have brought and builds the new collagen. I hope today’s post helped you; for recent posts, keep an eye on the blog section of this Escort Agency‘s website!

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