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She loves threesomes

“I think you have a sexual problem,” a psychologist gave me the verdict

She probably thinks I’m a crazy nymphomaniac incall escort girl in Chelmsford, and I have an insatiable sexual appetite. Still, the truth is that I’d instead read a book, and that would be “Mrs Chatterley’s Lover”.

I don’t even bother to contradict her because she is right. Thanks to this fact, I thought (or not) of this post. It would be best if you were missing at least one rod to want to break the taboo myths. And not anyway, but to put your own experiences on the tray.

Madam psychologist, if you are somehow reading this, As an incall escort girl in Chelmsford, I would like to convey that I may have a sexual “problem”. Affirming that I also like women, maybe because my first sexual experience was with a teenager at an age when many girls were still playing with dolls (I’ll tell you another time how it happened).

The “traumas” of my childhood follow me, but I admit that I let myself….traumatized in the most pleasant way and place. But don’t be in a hurry to think that I’m a lesbian because I like, without a doubt, men. As an incall escort girl in Chelmsford, without men, today I wouldn’t have had the most exciting, romantic or spicy experiences or spent the night ecstatic and sometimes unique.

And if I say that I find the menage a trois delicious, at least, madam psychologist, put me in the medical record that I have a sexual affinity, not a sexual problem.

Others long before me enjoyed threesomes: the Greeks, the Romans, and the Etruscans. They went out of their way to prove that a company of two is lovely. But that simultaneous sex with more than one person is sublime. They have also invented the first, what we call today, Escort Service, one of the oldest jobs ever.

Therefore, to have genetically inherited the need to devour or let myself be spoiled by a woman and to want at the same time to enjoy both sophisticated penetrations?

In modern society, threesomes have evolved over the years.

At the beginning of the 60s, the soft porn magazines “Playboy”, “Penthouse”, and “Hustler” appeared, which focused on group sex. Who doesn’t envy Mr Hugh Hefner? He always appeared with at least two escort girls on his arm. After you drooled and told yourself that you would give anything to have him near you, if not in your bed (maybe in your dreams… ..sorry).

My dear sir, how can you not like to lie in bed and side by side with yours, more precisely your penis, to have two escort girls playfully fighting for access to it. It’s the only fight I accept, and I love it.

From the outside, threesomes are seen as a combination in which women engage in superficial sex to stimulate the man. Still, in reality, in couples who practice it frequently, each makes sure that the other two partners do not feel neglected to enjoy themselves together leisurely and with pleasure.

Threesome sex is every man’s fantasy. And of any woman’s?

Let’s admit that sometimes a delicacy well placed in the erotic relationship brings a welcome incentive for those who want to live their life to the fullest. Tasting its hedonistic pleasures. It is more difficult to advise you on how to organize a threesome. In general, in heterosexual relationships, I must admit that the incall escort girl in Chelmsford is the least willing to agree to threesomes, except where she controls the situation.

So lovers who dream of offering such an experience to their partner should first know how to flirt with the idea and play with her mind. Just like we women do when we prepare our men for the news as if we would like to appear in the certificate that we are bound forever. Of course, the best option you are thinking of is her friend, although even if she shares all her secrets, it does not mean that she is willing to share with you, so it is best not to anticipate that you will get her acceptance. Get used to it; it’s not the only situation!

Fantasies and love parties give me doses of madness and energy that I transform into moments of ingenious creativity. No false modesty, but don’t you enjoy reading my stories with essences of humour and a good mood? Sex has a therapeutic effect. Why do you think I keep beating my head with stories like these that you will never hear from your mother’s mouth?

So, if it doesn’t work out with your girlfriend, be inventive; there is another option. Book a sexy incall escort girl in Chelmsford to fulfil this fantasy.

I am a woman who likes to ask my boyfriend for extravagant desserts. And not from the hypercaloric ones, but on the contrary, the ones that consume a lot of calories. And I don’t even bother to look for it myself. I like surprises, and his imagination sets me on fire.

You’re probably wondering if I’m jealous. It still happens to me (I also have weaknesses ), but not in this situation. Well, how can I be since I wanted such a pleasure? As an incall escort girl in Chelmsford, It excites me the most knowing that I can do anything with it. I know that balance is his strong point. I am waiting with a crazy desire for him to offer us both sensual caresses generously. It is an erotic experience that takes your breath away.

I will tell you another time what such a night full of carnal desires that you cannot forbid means.

And more recently, there is a sexual fantasy quite common among women, more than anyone could imagine or women would like to admit. Women dream of being the centre of attention, adored by many men. I would dare, too, at least out of curiosity. Have you had or would you like to have such an experience? Dare! Free your Mind, Body and Soul! Dare to live beyond the limits!

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