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Sex with escorts?

If you are tired of the usual sex, we offer you to play role-playing with escorts. Most couples use foreplay. It helps to wind up before sex, get excited, and tune in correctly. All men and women choose different options for foreplay, considering their preferences and their partner’s desires. In your case, we can discuss what you want from escorts. Girls can buy any costume and come to the meeting. To enjoy role-playing, you must adhere to some rules to avoid disappointment.

Role Play Escort

They were playing before acting.

You should initiate several role-playing hours before sex. The open-minded escort girl can text her partner that she has been a lousy student who needs punishment. She can mention that she wants to be seen by the sexiest doctor, her chosen one. All of this will help prepare mentally for the role play that will take place between the partners in the evening. Remembering that she should behave playfully after such messages with her partner and not load him with household chores would be best.


You should not start a role-playing game if you are unsure what both partners want to do. You don’t like to tease each other and cancel at the last minute.

Prepare separately from each other.

The necessary atmosphere for the role-playing game can only create surprise. Getting ahead of the game and showing your partner how you prepare for the role play is unnecessary. It is only the result of your efforts that You should offer.

Play to the end

Role-playing gives the desired effect, if not to interrupt it all the time to be in character in the role. Otherwise, partners may not get excited. Their thoughts will be occupied by extraneous matters, spoiling the atmosphere.


The script of the role-playing game should be, but this does not mean that you must follow it even in small things. At times, something may not go as planned. For example, a conversation may begin that was not foreseen. It would be best if you had backup ideas on how to get the dialogue back on track without spoiling the atmosphere.

Don’t be great actors.

Partners will hardly praise each other for their skilful acting. Both men and women need to get emotional to get excited. It is worth doing what your intuition tells you to do, acting according to the situation and not copying actresses from the video watched the day before.

Play your role

Giving a partner to show imagination and act as it seems optimal would be best. The partner also needs to express himself. Do not take the initiative to lead the process.

Do not undress before the time.

The role-playing game is over when there are no clothes on the partners. It is necessary to ensure that the whole scenario is passed, that the partners did everything they wanted, and that they managed to get excited. If the plan is fulfilled, you can proceed to intimacy. Following the recommendations, you can get the highest pleasure from role-playing with escort models. They will give you new emotions, order an escort, contact our manager, and pre-selecting the model you want in the catalogue.

Morning sex with escorts. What could be better?

The average statistical client in the Escort Agency is a man from 35 years. Therefore we recommend having sex in the morning because it tremendously influences your health, and to make this idea come true, take Elite girls at least at night or for 24 hours.

Peculiarities of morning sex with escorts

Waking up in the morning is not always a joyful experience and rarely brings sexual excitement from the partner around. In men, the desire for sex in the morning is driven by physiology. For men, morning is the peak of the testosterone hormone in the blood. Morning sex for men reduces the risk of prostate-related diseases (cancer, prostatitis) and cardiovascular diseases. For elite women, it reduces stress and increases mood and psychological comfort.

Sex in the morning reduces headaches and makes you feel better by releasing large amounts of happiness hormones into the bloodstream. The resulting spectrum of emotions from orgasm helps avoid drowsiness throughout the day, increasing the body’s tone. Also, morning sex helps replace exercise, massage, and even a 15-minute workout on an exercise machine, both for men and women.

The peak of temporal compatibility between a man and a woman in the morning is reached by eight. The female body is ready for arousal, and the male one has not yet moved away from sexual desire. This is the ideal time to have morning sex.

Peculiarities of sex in the evening

Girls need to feel inner comfort to get maximum satisfaction from having sex. It isn’t easy to achieve this state in the morning, as the list of things to do for the day hangs over her. But in the evening, when all the tasks for the day are done, and there is nowhere else to hurry, a woman can afford to relax. It is worth remembering that foreplay is not a whim but a necessity for women. During foreplay, women get sexual arousal, which may appear when kissing men.

Therefore, a woman needs special attention in the evening to ensure blood flow to her genitals. The optimum time to have sex in the evening is between 7 and 10 p.m. This is when testosterone in men builds up again, increasing the sex drive. On the other hand, women are ready for exciting erotic games that can last for hours after work. For a healthy and fulfilling relationship, partners should be aware of each other’s desires and emotions, so it is better to agree when both will be ready for sex.

How to seduce escort girls?

In the Escort Service, you can order high-class girls from the Agency. It is usually used by business people with no time and earning enough. But what if you are young and don’t have money for exclusive models from escorts, and you are not ready to spend on cheap prostitutes? In this article, we will tell how to seduce Russian beauties who do not have a large pocket full of cash:

The ideology of the art of seducing women has been formed for centuries. Competing in wit and ingenuity, trying to attract attention to themselves, men have come up with thousands of graceful ways and phrases that can touch a Russian girl’s heart. The most famous pickup artist is Giacomo Casanova, who lived in the 18th century and was very popular among women. This romantic adventurer made not less than three novels a year without knowing the rejection of the fair sex.

Despite the windy image that Casanova created in life, not one of his mistresses had claims against him after his separation. And according to his memoirs and diaries, he had 122 mistresses. The knights of the Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment are in the distant past. Modern guys are not too eager to get wrapped up, preferring sex without commitment. To get acquainted beautifully, brightly, and elegantly, you need to understand where and when appropriate to apply your pickup knowledge.

The five essential rules of pickup

When hundreds of templates for all occasions are learned, and the hunter is ready to hunt, it’s time to apply the essential baggage of knowledge and go for the deserved trophy.

1. Whether the first phrase is serious or fun, it should look natural. Nonchalance is a guarantee of success.

2. Confidence is the state of mind that leaves no doubt about the outcome. Determination of actions – this is a positive factor that pleases young ladies.

3. The ability to speak on different topics. Any person is pleased to meet a like-minded person, but you should not be lost even when the conversation touches an unfamiliar aspect. It is necessary to show interest: “I’ve always been interested…” and then pick the right question. This approach promotes a dialogue.

4. a useful function is the ability to understand by facial expressions and gestures the location of the interlocutor. The subconscious is difficult to deceive. According to a Russian escort girl‘s behaviour, poses, and movements, you can read the mood and adjust different tactics.

5. Never touch the subject of commitment and make false promises. The guy consciously shortens the distance between acquaintance and sex, but the responsibility lies on both partners. After all, there is no coercion.

Individual approach

No matter how many boilerplate phrases a pickup artist has learned, it’s not a picklock. Each Russian girl is special: relaxed or reserved, brilliant or mediocre, quick or thoughtful. The value will play the mood in which the girl is now. However, some chips work for everyone and yet look natural.

-It is rare to meet a man with no sense of humour. A selector should always have a couple or three funny stories ready. The stories mustn’t be vulgar and not long. The Russian girl will remember the new acquaintance if he makes her laugh.

-Compliments made as if by accident work well. For example, if a cat ran up to a Russian girl, you could say, “Animals feel the positive energy from someone and are drawn to such people. Maybe she counted something quickly. You can be surprised: “They say who has a mathematical mindset has no problems with logic.” A compliment will not be direct, but the girl will be pleased.

A light touch is a key to rapprochement. It is better than a casual tactile contact: give you a hand, embrace, let you go forward, fixing an element of clothing, for example, the collar.

  • All pickpockets ask for a girl’s phone number and then go into standby mode. However, do not be surprised if, in 5 days, the girl can not remember who she gave her number. Yes, for some people, even days are a lot. But you can try to start over.
  • Men who use seduction techniques need to remember that the modern woman is not a stupid doll. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have as many tricks and techniques in their arsenal, which can be sophisticated and cruel.

Although the purpose of dating pickup is clear, sex without commitment is not prosecuted by law, and many young ladies like it, under any circumstances, should remain human.

Mid-life crises, emotional overdoses in the workday, and an annoying wife can all affect male potency, affecting one in three men over 40. The cure for this disease is a variety of girls, but even that does not help everyone, so we discovered how to add fire to your sex with elite girls. Even the most intense sexual experience requires new sensations and emotions. So how do you diversify your sex life?

Check out the Kama Sutra.

The internet is full of instructions, from the simplest to bending so that your foot is on your partner’s neck and your mouth is at the level of the anus. Still, why not highlight a few ideas for yourself? For example, arrange with an escort girl to arrange a variety of Kama Sutra poses. The angle of penetration will vary depending on the position chosen, and perhaps you will discover new erogenous zones in yourself. Every fortnight pick new girls and try new poses. Listen to your sensations.

Make a “sex menu.”

Everyone knows the phrase: “What are we having for breakfast/lunch/dinner today?” So why not make your sex script as if you were in a restaurant of debauchery? Write your fantasies on a piece of paper. The main course could be prolonged oral sex, playing with sex toys, and role-playing.

You could have foot massages, hot stripping, and nipple fondling with your tongue as an appetizer. You can put down spanking, gentle cuddling, and relaxing massage for dessert. After you write down all your desires, order a model from an Escort Service and make your fantasies come true this night.

Take it slow and enjoy it.

Slow sex helps you capture and enjoy every moment, every penetration. You listen to your every emotion and body’s response through languishing and waiting. Set a timer or agree on a rhythm to make it easier not to succumb to passion early. Escort girls will be fully immersed in the process because you will order an actual GFE model – This practice will bring pleasure to both participants of the sex party.

Try different sex games.

Why don’t you try following the instructions of any sex game? These days you can find many sex games: board games, dice, different cards, and even phone apps. An example of a phone app is sex roulette, where you set yourself up from start to finish and take turns performing tasks.

Your fingertips are your assistants in sex.

Regarding sexual arousal, the fingertips may be an underrated part of the body, but they contain many sensory neurons that make them very sensitive. Most couples can’t wait to fuse their bodies, but gentle touches to each other will help delay that moment. Imagine an escort girl’s body as the keys of a piano. Take your time, play, and explore. It is possible to use massage wax candles or massage oil.

Discuss your fantasies

Yes, it’s awkward and embarrassing. What if it’s misunderstood? What if they judge? But people change, and so do their desires and fantasies. Sometimes old dreams and desires are no longer pleasurable, but your partner doesn’t discuss them because they fear offending you.

Agree to an open conversation and write on paper all the desires that come to mind. You do not have to realize them. The main thing is to express them. Alternatively, you can put these fantasies in a box and take them out without looking, studying, and trying. You should memorize two or three things you want to try – positions, techniques, changing, touching, etc.

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