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What do our escort girls say about kissing?

When we kiss, we move our mouths very similar to how we were feeding at our mother’s breast, which generates the most pleasure in the human brain.

A study by our Escort Service revealed a big clue about kissing: 80 million bacteria are transferred in a 10-second kiss.

This exchange strengthens our immune system and allows us to fight disease better. Previous research has shown that kissing, maybe with a beautiful escort girl located in Chelmsford, increases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. It causes a surge in oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” (the same hormone that increases during breastfeeding), strengthening the bond between partners. In addition, the proximity of a kiss allows us to use another sense: smell, which can give us more information about another person’s DNA.

Bottom line: we kiss to perpetuate the species. Zero romantic, right? Can the diversity of ways people kiss reveal what we find important about this intimate act? Less than half of people in all societies kiss on the lips, according to a study that analyzed 168 cultures from different parts of the world.

Let’s get to the business now that we have the dull, scientific part.

Who doesn’t remember the Grimm brothers’ childhood story about the frog who is kissed and turns into Prince Charming? The first kiss made me think, but it didn’t give me any feelings. Then in my teenage years, before getting to be an escort girl located in Chelmsford, when I saw boys on the street that I didn’t like, I imagined they would find a princess to kiss to “transform” them into poor and incredibly sexy men.

I wouldn’t have dared to do it; I was a selective fan. Maybe I didn’t believe in the fairy tale with the frog. Or so I thought then. And yet the most admirable kiss that gave me chills was the one from the movie “On the Wings of the Wind”. I was 17 years old when I saw it at the cinema after an excellent fight for tickets.

Finally, I was going to see an overwhelming and passionate kiss.

How many nights have I not dreamed of Rhett Butler holding me in his arms and giving me a kiss that would drive me out of my mind? The time has passed, and now, as an escort girl located in Chelmsford, my wish has come true. I was 21 years old and met a guy who turned out to be a perfect gentleman wanting to accompany me home after the meeting. When parting, he clung to me; he hugged me so hard that I had no air left to breathe, and in the next moment, he brought his lips closer to mine.

I adored the smoothness and softness of his lips from the first moment.

Oops! There was an element that I had considered, neither with the frog nor with Rhett Butler (the one who gave me tingles all over my body every time I dreamed of a Scarlett O’Hara); he used his tongue. The man is crazy about kissing you with his tongue, so let him spoil you in his way. The sentimental and wet kiss seems to be how he manages to arouse your desire for sex.

The explanation given by those who have studied the “phenomenon” is that his saliva contains testosterone which increases your libido. And isn’t that what you want as long as you have facilitated his access to the body waiting to be “besieged”? It was the first time I felt something other than shivers. He had succeeded in arousing other desires in me that incited my “depths”. My feet softened, and thus, I began my journey full of adventure and bringing fascinating discoveries in the world of the senses.

It was the first “anchor” I used when I wanted to feel my body electrified (I’ll tell you another time about the “anchors” I use, as an escort girl located in Chelmsford, to create safe and instant pleasure).

I’m crazy and playful and like to feel good even when I am alone (creating pleasure is a method of preserving the YIN energy that ensures your femininity). In addition, those who do not know and love their own body have no way to give pleasure to their partner and convey what they want in erotic games.

And yet we don’t understand what chemistry exists beyond these feelings of floating.

So I started looking. This is what happens when a guy and his favourite escort girl located in Chelmsford kiss.

The feeling when you kiss is terrific primarily because the lips are full of enjoyable nerve endings, and the touching of the lips causes the electrification of the brain, triggering the release of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with attraction and sex. So once your brain’s pleasure receptors have been invaded, you and your escort girl located in Chelmsford start to feel great.

The body is made to demand more food and sex, without which the survival and perpetuation of the species cannot happen. More than that, what do you think is the secret of a happy relationship?

Sex is “packaged”, but there is something else: the kiss.

According to the latest studies, couples kissing and hugging are eight times less likely to feel stressed or demoralized. More than that, a kiss of at least 10 seconds with your stable partner releases affection hormone.

My dear, we know that men don’t put much value on kissing, so we, as escort girls,  can even have sex without kissing, but knowing now that it’s good for you and the relationship, take the initiative, kiss him 15 minutes a day, and you’ve secured everything his affection. With every distraction, you disconnect his mind from any problem. How about a daily diet with a healthy portion to pamper the lips? The body is sometimes more intelligent than us.

Knowing all this, I returned to the story with the frog, and I wondered if it is possible that kissing a man you don’t like can make you want more. It would be worth trying because I have met, not a few times, apparently unattractive men who exuded eroticism and masculinity through all their pores. Now with the maturity that I attribute to myself (or that’s how I like to brag ), I believe the Grimm brothers, and I allow myself to say that where there is magic and “explosion”, any “frog” can become the most coveted lover.

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