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Recommendations for skin makeup

One of the questions that many people ask me is whether pinkish skin can be made up or what steps makeup artists take to hide it. Continue reading this article on our Escort Service Website.

Today I want to tell you a little about its characteristics and general recommendations for makeup for skin with rosacea, in case you face this type of chronic inflammatory skin disease in your daily life. That periodically has outbreaks or in chance you ever professionally meet this type of skin in your work, which if you did not know, there are four subtypes of rosacea that we can meet:

    • 1. erythematotelangiectatic rosacea.
    • 2. Papulopustular rosacea.
    • 3. Phymatous rosacea.
    • 4. Ocular rosacea.

The most important thing recommended by our escort girls is knowing how to diagnose it and what phase it is in, so it is essential to see a specialist doctor since rosacea usually manifests itself between 30 and 50 years of age. Therefore, the daily routine of taking the antibiotic the expert dermatologist prescribes is essential.

It should also be noted that it is advisable to go for an ophthalmological study since 50% with rosacea can have eye complications due to dryness, blurred vision, itching, slight discomfort, periorbital oedema, telangiectasia in the sclera, redness.

Once the problem has been combated from the inside, it must also be fought from the outside with healthy lifestyle habits to prevent its appearance, that is, a healthy diet rich in vitamins, especially C and D, and eating fresh and natural foods such as fruits and salads, control stress and anxiety in your daily life and minimize it with relaxation or breathing techniques.


Tetracyclines are the most frequently prescribed oral treatment. These act mainly as a treatment for inflammatory lesions, just like doxycycline.

In addition, topical metronidazole is widely used in the treatment of rosacea. It is a cream, lotion or gel, which requires treatment for several weeks to notice beneficial results since it stops the growth of bacteria. Apply once or twice a week. The ideal recommendation is that to eliminate erythema, superficial telangiectasias (small veins) and hyperpigmentation, intense pulsed light (AFT 540) can be applied, which gives excellent short-term improvement. The ideal period for its application is from March to October when solar radiation is not so intense. Use plenty of moisturizing cream and photoprotection 50+.

Recommended products

Fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and gentle cosmetics.

Mild 100% natural soaps such as chamomile and oatmeal soaps or apply compresses with chamomile infusion or cold thyme tea to deflate the skin. Cucumber also decongests the skin, which can be placed in small slices on the face or look for creams that contain it.

Use gentle cleansing products, specifically for sensitive skin or those with rosacea. Some examples are milk without rinsing, and micellar waters such as Sensibio from Bioderma with H20 AR-Micellar water dermatologically tested for skin with redness, biologically regulating the factor responsible for vasodilation. Cleans, removes make-up, and calms.

The thermal waters, which will tone and soothe this type of skin, like the natural alcohol-free rose water, also relieve the symptoms of rosacea because it makes the tightness of the skin disappear.

Very moisturizing creams are specific for this problem, which hydrate a lot and help prevent skin irritation, stinging, itching and burning. Bioderma Sensibio AR is a soothing cream for sensitive skin or skin associated with redness.

It is essential to always use sunscreen, even on cloudy or winter days, since the idea is to avoid exposure to the sun because it worsens the lesions. Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF 50+ is a proper internal biological protection thanks to Bioprotection Cellulaire, which protects the skin’s cells and DNA from sun protection. These creams will help your skin barrier to be healthy and robust so that it can better defend itself from irritating agents. Weekly use of the Avene anti-redness mask that calms and cools the skin, thus reducing irritation.

Products you should avoid

  • Avoid boiling water in your daily hygiene and saunas or baths with high temperatures.
  • Do not rub. You attack your skin unconsciously. Whenever you dry your face, pat it dry.
  • Avoid products with excess fat, spice and irritants such as vinegar. Consume chocolate and mature cheeses in moderation.
  • Avoid scalding (coffee) or toxic (alcohol) drinks.
  • Avoid smoking. No to tobacco.
  • No depressive periods. It decreases your quality of life.
  • Do not use cleansers with mineral oils or astringent lotions such as camphor and menthol.
  • Avoid peelings, scrubs and massages, sponges, brushes or other abrasives for the skin.
  • Do not use corticosteroid creams. At first, it seems to be an improvement in the skin, but when you remove it, the condition worsens.

Makeup for skin with rosacea

Numerous studies say that makeup makes people happy, and in this type of skin, they document improvements in self-esteem and psychological well-being once the skin is camouflaged with a bit of makeup.

What usually worries me a lot about this type of skin is the way of applying makeup products, that is, if I use a hand or a brush, since by spreading the products, we can overstimulate the skin, which causes it to break out more. Rosacea. My personal experience is that with the hand, we are always much more careful than with the brush, since when touching directly on it, we feel how it responds without altering it, unlike beating the skin with a meeting. Therefore, always clean and sanitize your hands. I discarded the beauty blenders.

Even so, I leave you with one of my favourite brushes just in case someone prefers a brush by hand.

As for makeup bases, it is essential that the formulation of the products is matte but that it allows the skin to breathe, so the formula must be soft and flexible to spread it quickly and, above all, to protect us from the sun.
My favourite makeup bases for skin with rosacea are from Shiseido:

With protection factor SPF50 and five shades available. Medium and very light coverage for being a BB cream type.
With the SPF30 protection factor and more coverage, we will use Shiseido Prot Liquid. If you prefer compact makeup, use Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation SPF30 for its silky texture and matte finish. It has six different shades to choose from. As for the powders to nuance the makeup base, they must have a greenish tone to counteract the redness of the skin and hide the pink style a little.

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