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What to eat or not to eat before sex?

What to eat and what to avoid eating before having sex with an escort girl based in Chelmsford. Here is what we recommend eating before sex:


This creamy inexperienced fruit is full of wholesome fats and fibre, which will deliver lasting energy within the bedroom for you and your escort girl based in Chelmsford. Avocado additionally has aliment B6, which consultants say can play a neighbourhood to ease PMS symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and crankiness. All of these may facilitate building it more accessible for girls to urge into a romantic mood.


Throughout history, this fruit has been called a logo of fertility and a sex enhancer. It seems that there’s some truth to those tales. Experts say drinking pomegranate juice can boost you and your escort girl based on Chelmsford’s mood, improve your blood flow and lift your {testosterone|androgen|androgenic secretion} levels. Those are all things which will} ensure warmth within the bedroom.


This typically isn’t thought of as a horny vegetable. However, it can rev up your drive in more ways than one. This foliose inexperienced is wealthy in magnesium, which will boost your testosterone. It additionally has iron, which may facilitate desire, arousal, orgasm, and sexual satisfaction, notably in escort girls based in Chelmsford.

Fat Fish

Fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel have many omega-3s. These healthy fats ease inflammation in your body, facilitating your sexual health. If you’re not a disciple of seafood, you can get omega-3s in flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts.


This juicy fruit serves up lots of an organic compound called citrulline. Your body turns it into arginine, another amino acid that helps relax your blood vessels. Which will get the blood pumping in your sex organs in the same manner anit-impotence drug works to treat erectile dysfunction.


These are loaded with zinc, which facilitates your body to build testosterone. That secret plays a significant role in your mood and your escort girl based on Chelmsford’s sex drive. The metallic element may additionally help men make a lot of sperm cells. It would also help those sperm move better. Not a friend of shellfish? Fill up on foods high in zinc, like beef, pork, fortified cereal, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and yoghurt.


Whether or not they’re lordotic in chocolate or flat-top with whipped cream, strawberries are a romantic favourite. They’re high in vitamin C, which may help rev up your sex drive, boost blood flow, and ease stress and anxiety. It also facilitates your body’s unharness, a lot of one thing referred to as oxytocin, called the “love” secretion, due to its link to arousal and orgasm. Our Escort Service in Chelmsford strongly recommends eating strawberries before sex or using them alongside chocolate during sexual intercourse.


It’s no surprise that chocolate and romance go hand-in-hand. This sweet treat is coupled with the discharge of serotonin, a hormone that encourages feelings of happiness and well-being. The mood boost that chocolate can bring may raise your sex drive, too. This indulgence has many phenylethylamines, a brain chemical related to lust and love.


These drinks deliver a dose of caffeine that perks up your nervous system. Might} facilitate your escort girl based in Chelmsford’s performing within the bedroom. Alkaloids may lower your possibility of erectile dysfunction, too. Low and tea conjointly provide you with antioxidants to help keep you healthy. Skip it about to bedtime, though. It could mess with your sleep.


Native to the Peruvian mountains, the maca plant has been used for centuries to spice fertility. Today, analysis suggests that its root can improve sexual desire. Phytonutrients in the plant may raise spermatozoan count and sexual performance as well. Maca root is commonly sold as a powder. It’s a nutty, earthy flavour. Your escort girl based in Chelmsford could add it to her yoghurt, smoothies, salads, soups, or baked goods.

What we recommend not to eat before having sex:

Carbonated drinks

Any acid drink, whether it’s juice or gin and tonic, generates intestinal gas and a feeling of bloating in the drinker. An escort girl based in Chelmsford who is bloated before sex will not feel at ease, constantly fearing that she will leak during sex. Moreover, even men do not like acidic drinks, especially tonic water. Its bitter taste temporarily lowers the testosterone level and even the sperm count. For those who want to drink something before sex, tea without sugar (not lime) is ideal for lifting their spirits. Everyone, if they wish to alcohol, can drink red wine, but they are limited to a maximum of two glasses.


Bad breath can kill your sex drive in a heartbeat, but too much freshness is terrible, especially if it comes from a strong mint in your mouth. Several studies have shown that the smell of menthol temporarily reduces the level of testosterone in men, which leads to a decrease in appetite.


Chewing gum itself is also contraindicated before sex. The reason? When you chew without swallowing, as with gum, you automatically involuntarily inhale air and are prone to emitting in moments of intense action, such as sex.


One adult drink may assist you in relaxing. However, sound back some or additional may take a toll on your sex life. That results from alcohol lowering androgenic hormones and dampening your nervous system, which affects circulation and nerve sensitivity. Thus it would be more durable for you to become aroused. Drinking excessively can also cause you to be dehydrated, which will cause fatigue, headaches, and duct dryness.

Saturated Fats

Foods high in these, like fatty beef and butter, can hurt your circulation over time. This might slow blood flow to your sex organs. Within the short term, a diet containing meat is also a turnoff. Intake will cause an unpleasant body odour. Dietary fat may have a bad reputation, but fat is not always bad. The human body uses fat as an energy source and for processing specific vitamins and minerals. Since fat is very high in calories, eliminating it is a sure way to better weight control and healthier sexual life.

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