+44 7309 402 084
Age 22
Languages English, Russian, Spanish
Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg
Measurements 90-60-90
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Bra Size 75 c
Dress Size 34
Cuisine Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese
Drinks Pina Colada, sparkling wine, juices, water
Flowers Orchids, roses
Interests Traveling, sports, wellness, reading a good book, meeting friends
Perfumes Dolce & Gabbana The One, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal, Elie Saab Girl of Now
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing No
Email agency@hornyescorts.co.uk
Phone 00447309402084

Elegant Escort near you

Describe yourself in a few words.

Hi, I am Sophia, and I am from Southend-on-Sea. Listening to you is this elegant escort girl‘s favourite thing to do. I’ll listen attentively and ask questions when needed, which shows that I am interested in what’s being said and how it will help us both live better lives together.

You can open up with me almost about everything. I have a fantastic ability to understand people completely. Sometimes guys say things like “you’re so insightful” or even tell their friends they dated such a person who had an excellent sense for different topics.

What made you work with this agency?

When I came to the UK from Italy, one of my friends introduced me as an elegant escort girl to this Escort Service. They were always there for all the help and guidance needed when starting in a new place like the UK. For instance, they helped me through every step of getting my foot into the British culture, including an interview process where their team ensured everything about myself aligned well enough. Of course, accepting them isn’t just good news because it means joining accomplished individuals who share common goals.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?

As an elegant escort girl, I love travelling. I have always wanted to visit Tbilisi’s beautiful and historical destination. It has such an old-world feel, making it one of my favourite European places. The cobblestone streets are so captivating. You can get lost for hours just exploring them. I have visited this bustling old town many times before. I am still willing to go there whenever the opportunity arises to exit out onto its historic streets with an adventurous spirit. It’s just so rejuvenating. The people are welcoming too. One can never feel shy when they’re surrounded by such beauty.

What is especially important to you on a date?

My date should be someone with a witty personality and someone who can make me laugh. The perfect gentleman should have good manners, bringing an exciting point to an elegant companion. I also want him to be intelligent enough for us both so that he understands my feelings when things get tough in life, just as much, if not more, than me. , A lot of people seem cold these days. They do not give a damn about other people’s emotions, so I want my date to be perfect and kind.

What do you like to do in your free time?

This elegant escort lady is committed to making the world a better place. I do this by working with organizations that help those in need, such as children and differently-abled people. But it’s not just these types of groups that inspire me. Even communities dealing with difficult life circumstances like poverty can benefit from my efforts if we all work together. And because everyone deserves access to fundamental human rights. No matter where they come from or how old they are.