+44 7309 402 084
Age 25
Languages English, Italian
Height 170 cm
Weight 59 kg
Measurements 92-57-87
Hair Colour Blond
Eyes Colour Brown
Bra Size 75 C
Dress Size 6
Cuisine German, Indian
Drinks Champagne, Wine
Flowers Lily
Interests Fitness, Traveling, Dancing
Perfumes Gucci, Prada
Smoker No
Tattoo/Piercing Yes
Email agency@hornyescorts.uk
Phone 00447309402084

Funny Escort Near You

Describe yourself in a few words.

Hi, I am Gwen, from Margate, and I am known as the funny escort girl at the Escort Service. I am easy to talk to, and my company is enjoyable as I make people feel nice. My personality is very charming as I have a magic effect on me. My bright personality is what people seem to enjoy the most, and then comes my attractive face, which you will notice when we meet.

My pouty pink lips, followed by a graceful figure, attract gentlemen the most. So whenever I meet someone, they enjoy my company and feel like coming back to me all the time, so I can proudly say that I’m primarily overbooked. If you like spending time with me, feel free to make a reservation. You might get lucky!

What made you work with this agency?

I’m twenty-two years old, and I’ve been working as a funny escort girl for the last three months. One of my friends at work suggested that this would be an excellent way to make some money on nights when there are no clients. After all, it’s not like we’re doing anything illegal here. So anyways…I applied with other agencies, but none offered what you get from an experienced companion. Rigorous standards across every aspect, which yours met (thankfully), and tons of experience already under my belt helped me reach the top.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?

My absolute favourite travel destination is The Soca Valley. It is one of the best sustainable locations in Europe. It’s perfect for nature lovers as it offers ample spaces to explore and cliffs along scenic rivers like The Romantic River or Ardeche. You’ll find caves worth diving into on land or underwater. The cuisines in Soca make it even more appealing, and as a funny escort model, I always have a lot of fun here. It offers me peace and tranquillity at the same time. What else could you ask for?

What is especially important to you on a date?

It’s a great feeling when you can have coffee with someone new. Chatting is always more fun than worrying about what they might think of this future relationship. I love being able to speak freely without any self-consciousness or fear, knowing another person doesn’t judge me for who I am… But as our connection grows deeper into something more serious than friends do, we start asking ourselves. We all deserve respect in whatever situation applies. So, according to this funny escort lady, respecting each other is the most important.

What do you like to do in your free time?

This funny escort model likes designing her candles and soaps as it is both fun and therapeutic. You can make anything you want from the colour and shape. The possibilities are endless. You can try various scents. It’s even more rewarding when someone uses one of these gifts as an occasion arises, so they always remember who made this special moment possible. I like to gift my friends my unique soaps as it makes them very special and loved.