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Today we have another excellent travel reporter report for you. Dear Janine has made an exciting round trip through Cornwall and Devon with her boyfriend Julian, and today reports about her tour highlights. England might not be on the radar when it comes to road trips. But the extreme southwest of England has a lot to offer. It awaits you with unspoilt nature, a mild climate, picturesque villages, golden sandy beaches, rolling hills and beautiful hiking trails. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

Why Cornwall?

“Why are you going to cold, wet England?” Yes – we were allowed to listen to that quite often. And the answer is straightforward: We didn’t want to go to a specific travel destination and travel by car. So we grabbed a map and looked at what could be done in 3 weeks. We had Ireland in mind, but the journey by car was simply too far at this time. While searching, I came across a picture of Cornwall and fell in love immediately. And we don’t regret a second!
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Arrival by ferry

The arrival was something entirely different for us – just without flying. So we took the ferry from Calais to Dover. Alternatively, you can also drive from Dunkirk to Folkestone, which doesn’t take much time. Depending on the route, the crossing takes 1.5 – 2 hours and costs around €70 for two people with a car. You can also take the Eurotunnel, which is much faster at 35 minutes – but twice as expensive at around €150. But we decided to take the ferry – of course also for cost reasons, but also because we love the sea, so we could start our vacation right away with a beautiful boat trip.

Just before arriving in Dover, you have an incredible view of the chalk cliffs of England. Once there, we had to get used to the left-hand traffic. But that was a lot easier than we thought because the English are very considerate drivers and the streets were calm. After about 6 hours, we arrived at our first flat in Torquay (Devon).

Local transportation

Since we arrived by car*, we naturally drove it a lot. But you can also quickly get from A to B by bus and train. It takes a little longer, but you are not stressed and can let yourself be driven and enjoy the crazy landscape. We also often drove somewhere to go hiking and then took the bus back to our car. That’s not a problem here in southern England, as long as you’re not out in the wilderness.

Our route

We didn’t have a particular route. Before each trip, I always mark everything we want to see on a map and then try to find accommodation in the middle of all the markings. Because we stayed eight days in Devon and Cornwall, we could live our day-to-day and do what we wanted to do or what the weather sometimes said. It was like a day trip to a different city or country because every place has something completely different to offer.

Round trip Devon | highlights

Here in the southwest of England is the county of Devon, with the largest city being Plymouth and Exeter. This region is best known for the coastal towns but also the national parks such as Dartmoor and Exmoor. Incidentally, the geological age “Devon” was named after this county.

Resort of Salcombe

Salcombe is a popular holiday resort in the South Hams area of Devon in southwest England. Caramel-coloured beaches, deep blue waters and many pastel-coloured houses dotted around the harbour. Salcombe offers you a comprehensive package with a Caribbean feeling. It is not for nothing that the south coast of England is also called the English Riviera! Here you feel as if you were more in Spain on a Mediterranean coast than in England.

Excursion to Kingswear

Kingswear is a cute little town in southern England’s South Hams of Devon. It is located on the east bank of the Dart River estuary and has around 1,400 residents. Here you can take beautiful walks and discover new fascinating views of castles, colourful houses or just the lush green.

Woolacombe Dunes

On the north Devon coast lies the beautiful town of Woolacombe. This place is inspired by a beautiful dune landscape reminiscent of Sylt and a 6 km long sandy beach. This beach has something for everyone: surfing the rough waves, sunbathing between the dunes, a dip in the sea or just a nice walk on the beach. If you get hungry, be sure to visit The Jube. A cosy pub, typically English somehow.

Round trip Cornwall | highlights

Further south is the county of Cornwall on the rugged southwest tip of England. Here you will find wild moorland, countless beaches, the Cornish Riviera, beautiful bays, charming harbour villages, high cliffs and seaside resorts with good surfing conditions (e.g. Newquay).

Porthcurno Beach/

Wow! You must have seen this. The view of Porthcurno Beach from the Minack Theater is simply a dream. The granite rock coast is reminiscent of Seychelles. The water is crystal clear and invites you to swim (if it weren’t for the temperatures—a lovely natural beach with no snack bars or beach bars.

Watergate Bay

In the north of Cornwall is the famous Watergate Bay and the beautiful town of Newquay. At the top of the cliffs, you can take a lovely walk with a beautiful sea view and go back down a small staircase along the beach. But the wind is quite noticeable here – so don’t forget the windproof jacket!

South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is England’s longest signposted long-distance footpath and a National Trail. It runs 1,014 km along the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. Initially, the path was created for the Coast Guard to fight against smugglers. That’s why the course usually runs directly along the coast, which doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but makes it all the more beautiful if you can look out to sea the whole time. The trail also leads through the small village of Sennen Cove, located in the south. The beaches, the bays and the flair are lovely here.

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