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Sports can have effects on your intimate life

This blog aims to help you with sexual relationships and give you some advice regarding which sport attracts with it more sexual encounters, and maybe you want to get into the business and do not know where to start; what do you think about Golf?

Feel good in your skin!

It’s normal to be nervous before sleeping with an escort girl based in Chelmsford, especially if you’re having sex for the first time, but it’s essential that you feel comfortable in your skin. What does this thing mean? First, forget about all your physical complexes and fully enjoy the erotic moments spent with her. Second, don’t force yourself to do certain things; you won’t feel comfortable trying them, and she’ll know you’re not too excited. The escort girl you take this step with must respect you and make you feel safe with her.

Establish a special connection!

Don’t treat the moment as just sex, even if it seems that way, but do everything you can to make your escort girl based in Chelmsford feel connected to you after that. Be attentive to her needs, look passionately into her eyes and listen to her breathing. Read her body and what she likes you to do to her without her telling you.

Thus, she will feel that you are the man she needs by her side forever. Don’t neglect yourself while making love, but don’t focus only on orgasm, either. She may disappoint you at times, but be gentle with her. Encourage her, be seductive, warm and open. She will quickly realize that she will never find another man like you.

Touch it sensually!

Conquer every inch of her body. Physical contact plays a vital role in intimate relationships, so you should consider this. Caress your escort girl based in Chelmsford a lot, hold her hand and make her forget all the men she’s been with before you. Your bodies need to touch to increase intimacy and create a special bond constantly.

Talk to him about how you feel!

The last tip, but not the previous one, is communication. Your intimate moment should not be a mechanical act but one in which you give yourself body and soul. Tell your escort girl in Chelmsford how you feel when you are with her and what sensations she gives you, using the sensuality of whispers. Encourage her to do the same. Let it unfold before you. If it is not easy for her to do this, ask her to hug you according to the intensity of her pleasure. This trick will work wonders.

Study: Soccer players have the least sex in a month. The eight most popular sports and how they influence your sex life

A new sex study conducted by our Escort Service in Chelmsford claims to have found out which athletes enjoy sex the most. The study by a sports nutrition brand claims that footballers are the least likely to get the “happy ending”. Sex experts also say that golfers have the most sex.

Muscle mass – development of muscle mass

According to our escort girls, golfers have sex on average 12 times a month – more than three times a week. They were followed closely by dancers, who reached 12 times a month, and weightlifters, who got 11 times a month. On the other hand, footballers have the fewest orgasms, only three times a month, and were also found to be the least confident in the bedroom.

Athletes who have the most sex:

  • Golfers (12 times a month)
  • Dancers (12 times a month)
  • Weightlifters (12 times)
  • Tennis players (11 times)
  • Soccer players (11 times)

The ten most popular sports and how they influence your sex life:

Our cheeky escort girl in Chelmsford, Willa, says, “Golf offers hormonal benefits, stress reduction and mental clarity, all of which are associated with better sexual performance.”

More than half (51%) of footballers believe it has improved their sexual abilities. “Soccer provides a great cardio workout that increases strength and beneficial balance in the bedroom,” said Violet, a charming escort girl based in Chelmsford. “Research suggests that women find football one of the most attractive sports to watch.”


Two-thirds (66%) of runners said the sport gave them better orgasms. Violet adds: “Running increases testosterone levels and libido, which leads to a greater sex drive and more intense orgasms. Studies have shown that couples who run together have sex more often.”


Almost half (48%) of cyclists say that cycling has increased their sexual performance. “Cyclers develop lower body strength, which allows them to explore many sexual positions. “Cycling also offers hormonal benefits and mental clarity known to increase sexual pleasure,” added our escort girl based in Chelmsford.


“Regular yoga practice increases balance and flexibility, which can expand sexual potential while helping to prevent injuries,” Willa explains. “Yoga practitioners are often comfortable and more present in their bodies, which can also increase libido and sensuality.”

Yoga has increased flexibility more than any other sport; Violet adds: “Yoga can increase body awareness, vibration, physical strength and flexibility.”


Meanwhile, 38% of tennis players say the game has increased their libido, the highest percentage of any sport. Willa explains: “Tennis gives you all the benefits you need to be at your sexual best. It builds strength, balance, cardio and naturally increases feel-good hormones.”

Walking / Hiking

Walking or hiking releases a sense of independence and accomplishment. Exploring new places can help build confidence, increasing happiness and satisfaction.


A regular swimming program builds solid muscles and leads to endurance, stress reduction, and mental clarity, increasing your ability to stay present and enjoy the intimate time.


Dancers have some of the most active sex lives, enjoying an average of 12 times a month and feeling very confident and flexible. Our escort girl based in Chelmsford says, “Dance has been shown to promote feelings of lust, sensuality and sensuality. This is because of the skill and coordination required to increase confidence in one’s abilities and skills and build trust within a relationship.”

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