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Where can you find the tastiest food in the UK

Gastronomies from all over the planet, food trucks on every corner, farmers’ markets in towns and cities, and an insatiable curiosity to try different flavours and experiment with new recipes. And also for very little money. With these ingredients, how can you be surprised that you can enjoy the best street food in the world in Great Britain? Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

Regarding eating, we can say that the world fits in a handkerchief and is on the map of Great Britain. For decades, the streets of our towns and cities have been the best place to discover and fall in love with the best gastronomy from around the world. From curries to arepas and from tacos to bars and, of course, crown jewels like a good fish and chips or a roast beef bagel, the temptation to take a bite of the best street food in the world will assail you at every step.

What do you give And it is that strolling through Notting Hill, The Sambles or The Royal Mile while eating fish and chips. A taco or a curry or visiting any of the beautiful gastronomic markets of Great Britain are travel experiences that a foodie like you cannot stop living on your next trip to Britain. Our escort models recommend this post!

Almost all the foodie paths in the capital lead to the mythical Borough Market, next to London Bridge, which is perhaps the most popular gastro market in the country.

It opened its doors in the 12th century (almost nothing!). Under its centuries-old wrought-iron vaults, you will find nearly a hundred food stalls where you can find everything – from duck confit tacos to paellas, passing for raclettes, hearty English breakfasts or Thai samosas. In addition, you can take home delicacies such as the best charcuterie in the Tyrol, the award-winning Sussex cheeses or artisanal honey made in London to put on just a little bit of long teeth. In short, a whole gastronomic journey worldwide without leaving the same place.

And you know -and, if not, we’ll tell you again!- that we are very, very fans of how Poopie prepares fish and chips, the most traditional recipe of our street food. The bagels “of what sea” -ham, cream cheese, salmon, pastrami, all of them!- from Beigel Bake (Brick Lane, 159) and the curries from Brick Lane, the street in East London that our chef Gordon Ramsay says that the best curries in the world are made. Why don’t you order everything “to take away” and see yourself enjoying a sumptuous picnic in any of our parks?

And you will suck your fingers at any street food stall in London, but with BBQ Dreamz dishes, you will never stop. You will not know what word to choose from this Filipino food truck -which you will find at Kerb King’s Cross, Kerb West India Quay and Brockley Market-, so let us help you: the baboy, crispy pork loin with sesame nuggets, green, pickles, spring onions and cilantro sauce. Yummy yummy!

Asian couple having happiness for date at street food in the city on holiday

Three street food dates in England

When you travel to Birmingham, don’t miss out on the city’s quintessential dining event, the Digbeth Dining Club. Every Friday and Saturday, from 5 p.m. until dawn, Lower Trinity Street is filled with exquisite street food stalls. Tacos, wood-fired pizzas, curries. You’ll want to eat it all! Also, on Fridays and Saturdays -in this case, between 12:00 and 10:00- the Grub Food Fair (Baring Street, Mayfield) takes place in Manchester.

The most famous gastronomic event in the city, with the old railway station Mayfield, trains as a backdrop and in which there is no shortage, as well as exquisite street food by some of the best chefs in the United Kingdom, craft beers, live music. A perfect plan to enjoy Manchester to the fullest!

In Oxford, you have the appointment every Saturday on Castle Street, where you can take as many bites as you want -and there will be many, for sure. To the street food proposals of Bitten Street, the Oxford gastro fair, which three friends put on launched in 2014 and has become one of the most important in the entire United Kingdom. Local producers, quality street food and live music await you there: that’s what filling up a Saturday is all about!

Street food in Wales

The new temporary market for modern gastronomy in Wales is The Movable Feast, an important event to meet the most authentic local Welsh producers. Imagine what awaits you there: the best meats, cheeses, fish and seafood, traditional gastronomy – how could we not suggest you try our laverbread, our famous seaweed pasta?

And you know it won’t be complete if you don’t add bacon, clams and cockles? A caloric recipe that you will burn in the event’s many activities, ranging from pilates and yoga sessions to a balloon blowing contest or workshops to make pom poms. Every weekend the market will visit a different Welsh city, so the best thing is that you report on your website. The next appointments? July 14 at Porthmadog and July 27 at Benllech.

And, since you’re travelling through Wales, don’t forget to go to Swansea Market, the largest covered market in the United Kingdom, or, if you’re here on the last Saturday of the month, to Uplands Market (in Gwydr Square), where you’ll be drool over the collection of Welsh specialities and the rest of the world.

Street food in Edinburgh

Another of our great cities where eating is a first-class gastronomic experience is Edinburgh. On the one hand, every Friday, you have Fountainbridge the Street Foods Friday event, where some of the best masters of street food in Scotland put their stoves on full blast to wonderfully feed everyone who comes (and we are not few! )

In addition, the capital of Scotland has some of the tastiest foodie markets in the country: the Leith Market (every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Dock Place where, in addition to street food, you will find local designers and artisans and, the first Saturday of the month, a tremendous variety of vegan cuisine), or the Stockbridge Market (every Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 in Jubilee Gardens), where you will eat all the smoked salmon, cheese and traditional dishes – among a lot of delicacies more- you want. It’s all delicious!

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