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Our escort models reveal their most hidden erotic craves

If you can think of it, theoretically, you can get into it and think it’s fantastic. Sex fantasies and erotic desires cannot be controlled. Eventually, they are just there, and there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, such stories can even be dangerous and harmful to other people. Most of the time, however, sex fantasies are harmless and maybe even a bit crazy. Sometimes they are not even feasible at all. We, and our escort girls, have summarized the most popular sex fantasies at this point. Perhaps you’ll let yourself be inspired and discover one or the other idea for yourself.

What are sex fantasies?

Everyone has them in one way or another: erotic fantasies, the Escort Agency‘s clients approved. We are happy to let ourselves be carried away in daydreams, in our sleep or even manage to live them out. It is sexual longings, ideas and memories that take hold of you for brief moments. However, it doesn’t always have to be about sex because there is much more than the pure act that turns you on.

It is essential to distinguish between normal and pathological fantasies. Scientists classify the latter as a severe mental disorder. However, the boundaries are fluid here.

That’s what they’re good for

Sex fantasies and erotic thoughts offer you a little escape from everyday life. They make you horny, solve possible blockages in your love life and can inspire you and your partner. You go with your imagination to your wishes and desires. You can pursue them in your creativity without having to live them out.

Focusing entirely on and engaging with these fantasies can give you similar feelings as if you were actively living them out in reality, for example, with a partner.

Men and women often have different fantasies.

Each of us has different fantasies and preferences in bed. However, the difference between the erotic ideas between women and men is probably the greatest. For example, while men fantasize about sex with multiple sex partners and escort models, women are more turned on by contemplating fancy sex locations or dominance games in which they subdue men.

It is also the case with women that most would not necessarily live out their fantasies. With men, it is quite different. They would like to live out their ideas. Numerous studies have been conducted on the differences between men’s and women’s various erotic preferences and sex fantasies. Quite similar dreams often emerge.

The most popular sex fantasies of men

  • Most men imagine the following fantasies and would be willing to live them out:
  • Sex with two partners
  • Voyeurism: Watching two women having sex
  • Sex with three partners
  • Sex with a strange partner
  • Anal sex with a woman
  • Secretly observe strangers undressing
  • Dominate in sex
  • Being dominated during sex

These men’s sex fantasies are still relatively “harmless” and can certainly be lived out relatively quickly.

The most popular sex fantasies of women

Women often want to live out their fantasies less actively, although they could be implemented just as easily as men.

  • Bondage games where she is tied up
  • for sex outside in public
  • Power games in sex (they either want to be dominated or even want to dominate themselves)
  • Using toys in bed
  • Being orally satisfied by your partner
  • Sex with two partners
  • role playing

Some of the craziest sex fantasies that exist

Alongside these more conservative sex fantasies, however, some tastes are crazy, so crazy we can’t believe they’re real.

  • Mind-controlling supernatural abilities to have sex with anyone
  • Sex with robots that look just like your ex.
  • A woman in a relationship with two bi men in which sex is optional and of secondary importance.
  • A situation where the partner is caught cheating and then has violent sex with them.
  • Sex on camera with an identical twin.
  • We are overwhelmed by group sex with ten women.
  • Sex with a gratification machine in the future.

Of course, there are countless more sex fantasies in this world, as many as there are people.

Stimulate your imagination

Sexual fantasies are natural, and wanting more of them is okay. To do this, you should stimulate your imagination in everyday life. Go through life with open eyes and observe your surroundings. Read a lot and talk to other people about your preferences and fantasies. You certainly feel the same way, and maybe you inspire each other.

Feel free to talk about it openly with your partner. Well, not in all cases. It makes sense to talk about it. It all depends on your imagination. But in most cases, the two of you will probably find common ground.

Sexual fantasies: the differences between men and women

The specialists explain that female and male stories have some minor fundamental differences: male eroticism is stimulated by thoughts related to sexual performance – such as games related to oral sex, the desire for anal sex, and imagining specific positions. There are also those caused by sex dreams, such as swapping couples and sadomasochism…

But what are women’s sexual fantasies?

In addition to those shared with male partners, they are concentrated in more particular situations, such as sex with objects and less classic places, such as in the elevator, in the bathtub, in the fitting room of a store, in front of by the fireplace or at sunset on the beach… Some feminine erotic desires are much more robust and are related to sexual submission: for example, being taken by force or against the “will”.

Sexual fantasies, the most popular among couples

Even the strongest ones need a little imagination regarding sex and a little salt and pepper to keep the passion alive so as not to fall into the habit.

What are the most famous couple fantasies? According to a survey carried out by the Huffington Post and confirmed by the testimony of sex therapists, experts and psychologists, the most common are: Ménage à trois, also known as a threesome: a real sensual overload for both men and women. In this case, a third person – a man or woman – changes the sexual balance. It doesn’t matter if you do it: imagine being able to give a twist to intimacy.

Domination and submission: power and a sense of control collide with the desire to submit. One partner guides himself and decides; the other satisfies his desires.

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