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I let go of things for my peace of mind

Recently, I made a list of the things I eliminated from my escort girl life to live with joy and freedom. I shared a part of them with you, and here you will discover the second part.

In the first part of the article, I talked about the lack of a daily routine, life on automatic pilot, perfectionism, etc. Here are other things that I felt I had to give up to have a whole life (I heartily recommend you to try it too):


In close connection with everything I listed above, being a person who was used to being and doing ONLY what was necessary to please others, I was always overwhelmed by fears: the fear of being judged at the Escort Agency, of not making mistakes, not being liked by everyone, not to be rejected, not to fail in what I propose, and various other phobias such as the fear of heights, of the dark, of speed, of the unknown.

Only after I understood that only by being exposed to them can I know them and that I cannot control what will happen to me, I learned to overcome them; I became friends with them. I replaced the fear with the confidence that what was for me would happen and that from any unpleasant experience, I will learn something new about myself.

Unresolved relationships from the past

Whether we are talking about love or friendship relationships, it is never effortless or emotionless when such a relationship ends. I found out on my own, however, that many such relationships remain unresolved, not adequately concluded, and we carry them long after we thought we had forgotten them. I realized that those relationships from which I left by “slamming the door” – with anger and resentment, frustration or dissatisfaction, or without an adequate “closure”, actually stayed with me like a belt that I didn’t know I was wearing, but which tightened as more time passed.

Because as long as you don’t make peace with yourself related to the person and the individual situation, something will grind you inside.

And every time you learn something about that person, the wound is reactivated. Once I realized this, I wanted to make peace with all these people, even if the relationships were never restored. I learned to forgive, and that gave me freedom and healing. That’s the only way you can regain your true freedom!

The wrong people and toxic relationships

They say we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. With this in mind, it is essential to analyze from time to time and see if what you discover follows your impression of yourself. Toxic or simply unsuitable relationships consume your energy; they don’t help you grow; on the contrary, instead of giving – they take away!

Personally, it took me some time to understand this, and I realized how important it is to be surrounded by people who have the same values ​​as me, who are empathetic, by whom I don’t feel judged and who accept me exactly as I am, without to condition me in any way. All I can tell you is that my life is much easier since I learned to select the people I spend my time with.

Harmful habits

Here the list is quite long, and although I am ashamed to admit it, there was a period in my life when I ticked absolutely all of them. Harmful habits can have an extremely negative long-term effect on health and vitality.

If you want to start feeling differently about life, try to give up activities such as time spent on social networks, watching TV excessively, going out in the city and attending events too often, smoking and drinking alcohol, not sleeping enough, or at inappropriate hours, unhealthy eating and without a healthy meal schedule, dependence on social groups, compulsive shopping or always being away somewhere. They are ways to run away from painful emotions, awareness, memories or simply the need to avoid looking at what we lack in our lives.

The regrets

It is unbelievable how much time we waste in our lives regretting things we didn’t do or words we didn’t say. I, for one, consumed incredible amounts of energy having regrets of all kinds: that I didn’t have more courage to try certain things, that I was afraid to say different things in contexts in which I chose to remain silent, that I stayed too long in relationships from which I would have wanted to get out sooner, or on the contrary, I hastened to get out of others where maybe it would have been worth having more patience.

In principle, I consumed many thoughts around “IF”.

For some time now, however, understanding how useless these regrets are, I promised myself that I would do it on the spot if something came up that I would like to do. I no longer miss opportunities, avoid speaking from fear and grant less criticism and more patience to myself and the people around me. Life is much happier and brighter without regrets in it!

Lack of responsibility

There was a time in my life when I always found external excuses for what was happening in my reality. The trip to India was the one that made me understand how vital this assumption of responsibility is and how liberating it is to find inside the reason why things happen in your life. Not only have I learned to stop blaming others, but I also use this assumption of responsibility to create beautiful things. Now I know I am solely responsible for the good or bad in my life.

Attachment to the objective

I lived so long attached to the goals I set for myself that it was tough for me to realize what it means to live differently than that. For a long time, I did not understand why there was an emptiness and mental and physical exhaustion instead of fulfilment after celebrating a long-awaited success. I ran with my eyes exclusively on the “target” without looking around to reach the goal.

Meanwhile, I realized that the entire process you go through to reach is much more important than the goal itself.

And now, I want to enjoy this journey, and not necessarily the thing I want to achieve, and if I miss reaching the target, I understand that there is a reason why this happens; I try to find it and understand it because next time I will be even more prepared.

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