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Useful things about masturbation

Masturbation is a natural and healthy way to release sexual tension practised by most people of both sexes. Studies show that 95% of men and 60% of women have this activity. It’s an excellent way to learn how each of us reacts sexually. Escort girls who can reach orgasm through masturbation are likelier to reach orgasm with their partners. Men who can masturbate for 15-20 minutes without ejaculating are not prone to premature ejaculation. Stimulating the partner’s genitals is also called masturbation and is an integral part of the sexual act.

Female masturbation

If the appearance of the genital areas is unfamiliar to you, examine them with a hand mirror while you are in the shower or bathroom. The clitoris is located where the lower labia meet the upper labia. It is a pink growth the size of a pea and is very sensitive. The clitoris is protected by a membrane that retracts when you are aroused. Below the clitoris is a small opening of the urethra through which urine passes and below this is the vagina.

When you start masturbating, ensure you have enough time, and you won’t be interrupted. You can retreat somewhere quiet, an intimate and warm place. Some women prefer to sit on the back, some on the front; some prefer to have their legs close, others very far apart or close to the body.

Use a lubricant and gently touch the genital areas with your fingers or a vibrator, varying the movements from time to time to find out where the stimulation is more vital.

Many beautiful escort girls from our Escort Service believe that the clitoris is too sensitive for direct stimulation, so you can try massaging the entire vulva, slowly moving inwards with your fingers in delicate movements. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination to increase the excitement. Be patient, but if the pleasure disappears and you don’t reach orgasm, you should stop. Don’t be disappointed because it may take several attempts to relax and reach orgasm. When you feel a growing tension in the vagina area and an increase in temperature, you are approaching orgasm.

Keep stimulating yourself because if you stop, these sensations will disappear, and it won’t be easy to get them immediately. The clitoris becomes more and more sensitive during masturbation, even if the stimulation occurs directly or the orgasm occurs with waves of vaginal contractions. Many women approve of various forms of genital contact during orgasm. Either a continuous stimulation or a pressing of the vaginal area. Some prefer to insert a finger into the vagina while reaching orgasm.

Almost everyone masturbates, some more often, others less frequently.

This continues into adulthood. Many young people are ashamed that they self-stimulate and only a tiny percentage of them discuss masturbation even if they talk to their closest friends, and they are afraid that their friends may find out about their practice.

Many teenagers learn to reach orgasm through this practice very quickly to reduce the risk of being caught. Only later in life did he know that the possibility of delaying the orgasm is significant for maximizing sexual pleasure. So all methods to quickly reach orgasm must be forgotten as soon as possible.

However, with age, the frequency of masturbation decreases, but it continues even for most married men. Some men believe they should not do this since they have access to sexual activity with their partners. Therefore, they force themselves to stop doing this, considering that by continuing to masturbate, they will be rejected by their partner.

Thus they try to hide by choosing times and places their partner is not around. However, some men’s wives know they masturbate and even encourage them. Among the happiest men are those whose wives approve of mutual masturbation, which becomes an integral part of their sexual life. Part of the psychological problems men face is that this topic is challenging to discuss with their partner; this discussion may lead to rejection on her part.

Those who have passed this point consider having an enjoyable sex life.

One of the male sexual fantasies is to watch a woman masturbating, and many women find watching a man masturbating very exciting once they get over these prejudices. Single men and homosexuals masturbate more often than men engaged in a relationship. In a gay couple, mutual masturbation is the essential part of the sexual act.

By masturbating in front of the woman, the man practically reveals his most intimate activity to her. The fact that he is willing to do this is a proof of love and not of repulsion. In conclusion, mutual masturbation can be an activity with a high degree of eroticism and passion for both. It can also be frequent practice for the beginning phases of sexual intercourse.

Masturbation techniques:

Men have a variety of masturbation techniques. The slimmest of them is by slightly squeezing the penis at the beginning until it becomes semi-erect. Then the penis is excited by a slight movement from the tip to the base. Concentrating at the front on the bottom of the penis and avoiding the upper part makes it possible to continue the erection, which is the first rule of the ejaculation delay technique.

At a given moment, the entire penis becomes very sensitive to touch. Once the erection is complete, many men like to squeeze and massage their scrotum gently. Light touches anywhere in the genital area can be very exciting and even caresses on the rest of the body, especially on the nipples. Some men love to masturbate while lying on their stomachs in bed so that the bottom of the penis touches the bed; other men prefer to use a lubricant rather than having a dry penis.

Hand lotions or pharmaceutical vaseline can be used for this purpose only if masturbation is not followed by penetration with a condom. These substances contain oils that can affect their resistance. Another method is to use a masturbation object such as a vibrator or even a shower.

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