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Remember the really important things in your life

There is always a commotion around us that we live with daily; we have so much to do, deadlines upon deadlines, that constantly put pressure on us.

We live crowded, don’t have time for ourselves, and don’t give ourselves space to connect and breathe. We always want to have and do as many things as possible that will bring us the admiration and praise of those around us out of the desire to feel accepted, appreciated and loved.

Although physically and mentally exhausted, we do not stop for a second, especially us, as escort girls. We don’t know how to do it and don’t want to either. Even when it seems to us that we can’t do it anymore, we push ourselves a little more until what we have to do is done, as if we had guaranteed perfect health no matter how much we exploit ourselves.

I know it’s hard to stop, but the thought that you have a little more mobilizes you even if the reserve is almost empty.

What happens when you go with an empty reserve?

I’m sure you know—burnout, depression and other internal disorders can turn your health and life upside down.

When someone at the Escort Agency told me a few years ago, when I was close to burnout, that I needed to recharge and could do it if I took half an hour to walk around the park, I burst out laughing. How could I waste my time with something like this when I had so much to do?

I didn’t know then that that half hour was practically the source of energy and creativity I needed to do my job well. It took years to pass, to go through burnout and depression, to conclude that when I feel that I can’t do it anymore, I have to take a break to recharge myself to move forward with more energy.

At first, I felt guilty, ashamed to say that I was taking a break to go to the park or the forest to recharge and relax my mind. My inner voice told me I must be able to because otherwise, everyone would see that I was lazy. The reality is, however, that you cannot function without taking a break and recharging your batteries. After all, even robots can’t.

I learned to stop

I learned to take that time for myself without feeling guilty. I go to the forest where there is no signal so that I will not be tempted to lose myself in social media but to allow myself to lose myself among the trees and the aromas and sounds of the forest.

I take my dog with me, bring a book, sit by a tree, and do nothing. I allow myself to breathe and connect with nature, which relaxes me. Time seems to stop, and I can observe how spring sets in, with the song of the catwalks, with the fresh smell of flowers – everything we noticed when we were children, and now we don’t know how to do it anymore because we are too busy.

Of course, it didn’t come out the first time, especially since I’ve always had a hectic lifestyle and a busy schedule. It took me some time to learn to stop, to sit without doing anything, to enjoy nature and this wonderful space I created for myself.

Fatigue does not go away overnight, especially if it has accumulated after a long period – it does not go away within half an hour in nature.

I know you’d like things to be like this, but it’s like thinking you took a shower a month ago and didn’t need to do it again.

Or, simpler and easier to understand in the current context, you put your phone on charge for half an hour and claim to keep the battery for two weeks. Because the phone is an indispensable object in our lives, I will take it as a benchmark. Think about how often you charge your phone and how many times you charge yourself. And it would help if you had the energy to function. Indeed, you know how to charge your phone and always do it. But what do you do in your case?

What does the sea do for me?

Well, first of all, she listens to me: she takes all my negative thoughts, includes them in her waves, and drowns them. Then we connect, and I realize how much we are alike; we are the same. Her agitated waves remind me of my exaggerated outings, while the calm and gentle ones remind me of how I am after a “storm”.

I admit, most of the time, the sea greets me calmly, and its breeze calms me down instantly. Her breeze makes me feel how much life there is in me. The way she welcomes all kinds of energy into her territory and learns to live with all and sundry reminds me of the people in my life, those who come, those who stay and those who leave or those who are just passing through.

Her sound, the sound of her waves, reminds me of the sound of my heart and has the power to make me reconnect with my nature.

Just looking at it and listening to it for a few moments lifts my spirits

When I am there, I imagine that I am one with her, and I remember that we are one with the Universe. We are part of the same story, the same world and how beautiful it is to give ourselves the chance to connect with nature. Our spirit laughs, mouth to ear, and shows us how good it is to be as we are: simple, without needs, without expectations.

Connecting with nature gives you an incredible chance to connect with yourself

If you don’t practice meditation, a walk in nature can be just like meditation because of character. With its charm, it is meant to bring you to the present. You have to let it go. To feel that too. Go to her with your head full of thoughts, but once you get there, let her take them from you. Don’t resist; let them.

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