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Erotic thoughts

Surveys by our Escort Service inform us that 19% of women and 60% of men have erotic thoughts several times a day.

These percentages don’t mean anything specific. I am also part of this statistic and belong to the 19%…or whatever percentage it will be. As an out-call escort girl in Chelmsford, how could I lose a precious place in such a ranking? What, from time to time, happens to you too?

Let’s leave the pension shame! And don’t think that it’s about that usual Saturday night. But about that physical love that, even from the height of your immense erotic experience, can make you blush. That crazy, true physical love that intoxicates, electrifies and strips you of fears, prejudices, and masks. A physical love in all senses, forms, anywhere and anytime. A love that transports you into the universe of intense, sublime, perfect experiences.

A physical love so unleashed, deep, vulnerable and yet magical that it throws you and your out-call escort girl in Chelmsford into a fascinating world without limits, modesty and frivolity  Imagination that’s all you need to let yourself fall prey to fantasies. And so you can live and feel this immense physical love in all its splendour.

Sometimes an out-call escort girl in Chelmsford must remember where it all started.

You are a mystery, my love. Let me see you, understand you, discover what’s in your mind.” I started my first love letter 25 years ago. And one day, I succeeded without too many verbal cues. Watching his piercing, captivating and exciting looks only took a walk in a park.

I never thought that a simple look could disturb me so profoundly. It was the first time when words had no meaning. His weaknesses were the thighs and the place where the bare buttocks of schoolgirls form. As a young girl in a short skirt passed by, I could feel his hormones going crazy and his spirit wandering in pursuit of her, constantly and irresistibly.

And then I realized that instead of blaming him, interrogating him about something he couldn’t control anyway, fighting in vain against the fantasies that life exposed him to daily, I decided to be part of his erotic fantasies. Words came to my mind that I had read somewhere “you can’t divert the course of a river, but you can learn to navigate it; try to close it in a channel, and it will overflow at the first wave”.

Or, as my wise grandmother used to say, it will fly to other nests.

And here is my first fantasy before becoming an out-call escort girl in Chelmsford. Although I was 22 years old, I returned to the skirt I had worn in high school and kept. I have no idea for what reason to transpose myself a few years later in my lover’s fantasies. And not only did the skirt make me a lover, which she confessed to me a few years after that she would never forget, but I also learned to give up the desire to control.

“My lover, I want to be your sensual refuge, your final destination”,… I continued. And yet I knew so little about him. I was just a dreamer, nothing more. As an out-call escort girl in Chelmsford, I’m an irretrievable romantic, I admit. These words may have been more appropriate in a classic romance novel.

But in reality, I realized that before wanting to be his refuge, but especially the last and coveted destination, it would have helped me to know more about him. Maybe I would have wanted him to be “The One” in vain if I hadn’t been lucky enough to have that chemistry between us, physical attraction, the heat bubbling uncontrollably in our bodies as a symbol of inner evil.

I needed to get back on the ground.

That’s how I started discovering the joy of the game, exploring new forms of pleasure, and using the most erotic tool: imagination.

It is a fascinating world, sometimes perverse but in a refined way, with savoury, aphrodisiac and extravagant delights, erotic and exotic environments, provocative outfits, with pleasures induced by all the senses, starting with the joy of touching the skin or different textures, the of the taste that involves various aromas, the visual pleasure represented by shapes and colours, the auditory pleasure that hearing a song gives you and going to places that make you put your playful spirit to the test, the most unusual ideas and an imagination fabulous.

But to travel in the world of fantasies, I will reveal to you the two essential things that I discovered from my own experience as an out-call escort girl in Chelmsford or reading, and that can help you too:

  1. To implement your fantasies, it’s great to know your partner’s erotic profile.

So let’s start with some hints to help you get to know your partner better.

  • What are the most sensitive areas of their body?
  • If you haven’t identified them, I recommend you take a feather or a scarf and walk it over the entire surface of their body.
  • They like to watch, or they want when someone cares for them. Or at least both.
  • Which of their senses are more developed: sight, touch, smell, taste, or hearing? It may help you to remember some details during the interaction with them to illustrate the main dominant.
  • What are the body parts to which they show a unique attraction?
  • They have a particular cult for certain accessories, clothes, or pieces of underwear.
  • They chatter about what they like and feel about sex; on the contrary, they find it difficult to confess.
  • Do they show a need to dominate or abandon themselves at love parties? Or both?
  1. To understand that fantasy can start from a simple undulation of the hips to a song that gives you chills.

Or it can be a delicious ass, a smile, a tuft of pubic hair, a nipple that pokes cheekily through the T-shirt, some silly words or the armchair you only use to relax at a good movie. Did I manage to turn you on? Let’s play with imagination! Are you ready to be the best version of yourself erotic?

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