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Increase your libido

If you have low libido (sexual desire), you may have difficulty initiating and enjoying sex. Fortunately, you can bring the flame of passion back into the bedroom with patience, planning and communication. Below are some scientifically proven suggestions from our escort girls that will help you improve your libido.

Do exercise

Go to the gym or dance. According to the escorts from our Escort Service, sexually inactive couples are much sadder and feel unattractive. On the other hand, researchers also found that the most active men in the gym are also the most active in bed (in addition, people with an active lifestyle also become much more attractive in the eyes of their partner).

Try new things

Go to an amusement (water) park or escape room with your partner. Couples who engage in new activities stimulate the production of hormones (including serotonin) associated with sexual attraction and passion.

Go on vacation together

A recent report shows couples who travel together have a much more active sex life. If the relationship has become a routine, choose to go somewhere new. If you don’t have time to go on vacation, spend a weekend at the hotel, just the two of you.


Lack of communication is one of the main reasons for boredom in relationships and the bedroom. A recent study showed that people who talk about their desires in bed and those who argue are ten times happier than those who avoid conflict and conversation. Only by talking to each other can you resolve things that aren’t working, including sexually.

Talk in the bedroom

Describing the things you will do in bed is attractive to both sexes. Studies say that people who talk “dirty” in the bedroom are much more attracted to their partner and the relationship becomes more lasting. They are also more sexually satisfied than less talkative couples.

Hug after

Non-sexual cuddling after sex not only supports the development of the relationship but also increases the couple’s satisfaction with their reactions in bed. These results were proven for both sexes.

Work to be sexually satisfied

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, one of the secrets to regular long-term sexual activity is the simple idea that you have to work for it. In other words, to enjoy your time in the bedroom, you must be aware that you also need to work to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs. Studies show that those couples in which partners complement each other sexually (consider and do what they can to meet their partner’s needs) have much more fulfilling sex lives. On the other hand, if one partner is only attentive to the sexual needs of his other half, neither of them is fulfilled.

Be altruistic

According to Canadian researchers, generous people are viewed much more sexually than stingy people. Additionally, great people have more sex, even in couples who have been together for years.

Stay in the sun (in moderation)

Sunlight helps absorb vitamin D; recent studies have shown that it may also impact libido. Scientists have concluded that an average vitamin D level stimulates testosterone production and thus supports sexual desire.

Watch horror movies

According to a 2011 study, watching a horror movie is linked to hormones specific to sexual desire. Frightening scenes trigger the sympathetic nervous system’s response, which causes the fight-or-flight response, which, in turn, stimulates the production of sex hormones.

Enough sleep

Sleep is another aspect that can have a significant impact on libido. This is explained by the fact that the circadian rhythm is also involved in hormone secretion, so the lack of a sleep routine can upset the production of sex hormones. For both men and women, feeling tired during the day and evening affects libido. In addition, restful sleep for men stimulates the production of testosterone. For women, studies have shown that those who slept well felt more sexual desire the following evening.

Wear red

According to a study, women and men wearing red are much more attractive to their partners (or potential partner). The researchers haven’t found an explanation for these findings, but they suspect that the attraction to the color red has less to do with human evolution and more to do with patterns in pop culture.

Drink red wine

Another trick for both sexes is consuming red wine, but not more than one glass. The researchers concluded that people who drank a glass of red wine had a more pronounced sexual desire than non-drinkers. In addition to these tips, it’s essential to be yourself, pay attention to the person next to you and their sexual needs, communicate, and things will then work themselves out.

About her and her diet

The biggest problem now recorded by countless medical studies and opinion polls is women’s lack of sexual desire. A weak libido is characteristic, especially after pregnancy, with advancing age or is permanent, for those women who have not been able to find the right partner. Have you ever wondered how much your diet and lifestyle influence your sex drive? I want to draw your attention to some essential elements.

Food for the mind

As with men, libido is mentally stimulated. But if external factors stimulate men, women are encouraged by internal factors. In short, self-respect. A woman who does not perceive herself as beautiful, healthy, and full of vitality will have problems in her romantic life. And yet, what elements bring us to the almost depressive state of not loving our bodies?

Well, first of all, the medicine cabinet: contraceptives, antidepressants, caffeine diet pills, even antibiotics. Simply put, a woman’s ability to heat up, that is, to be sexually stimulated to the point where blood circulates throughout her body and stimulates her erogenous zones, is determined by the production of estrogen and testosterone.

These hormones are not easily convinced to be produced by the female body. That is why any imbalance in the body will include stopping testosterone secretion. Contraceptives and other hormonal therapies need no further explanation about their negative influence on libido. So do antidepressants that work by blocking specific neural receptors.

More interesting are antibiotics, whose power cycle is fascinating: testosterone production is influenced by serotonin production, which is controlled by the health of the bacteria in the intestinal flora. If you take drugs that affect or kill the intestinal flora, it is normal for your libido to decrease as well.

The solution: Try to avoid libido-boosting drugs as much as possible.

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