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Brighton – the perfect place for shopping

Coastal life in the UK is very diverse, with all kinds of towns and cities very different from each other and very interesting cultures that are well worth visiting. But there is one that always catches the attention of any visitor with a lifestyle that falls in love from the first second. Brighton is a coastal city in the south of England and is known for its strong identity, making everyone who sets foot in this city fall in love. Continue reading this post on the Escort Service Website.

What is known today as the Brighton seafront began many years ago in an almost improvised way.

The history that put this place in the spotlight for the English is a very curious fact since it did not start as a holiday destination but as a kind of health-focused retreat. In the 18th century, there was a trend in which doctors advised their upper-class patients to drink seawater and take baths in seawater, so little by little. It became a kind of resort of the time.

With the passage of time and the Industrial Revolution, this popularity gradually permeated the rest of the social classes thanks to the development of the railway lines, which made Brighton a perfect and quickly connected place for Londoners who made trips in one day.

But how has the feel of Brighton changed so much from a reasonably exclusive place to a vibrant, multicultural city? At the end of the 20th century, the famous University of Brighton opened, bringing to this city the very alternative vibe for which it is known. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine this city without students on the terraces of the bars, walking along the beach or even giving a concert in the parks.

Brighton is one of the funniest cities in the United Kingdom

, where good vibes, colour, relaxation, multiculturalism and terraces give rise to a lifestyle that feels great to anyone, giving a completely different concept to life near the sea. On the coast of the United Kingdom, the beach is associated in another way from what is usually understood in Spain. Here in Great Britain, the bikini is exchanged for jeans, sun protection for a sweater in case it gets cold and the bath for a good Pinta.

At this point, the name of this city is assimilated with enjoying a day on the pebble beach, chatting with friends, and replenishing energy with good fish & chips (the most typical meal of the British coast par excellence) on the promenade. Enjoy a sunset, or spend an afternoon of laughter in its mini amusement park on the famous Brighton Palace Pier.

Who would not like a piece of the fair all year round?

Attractions for all ages, including virtual reality! Arcade games for the most nostalgic, challenge your luck in its Palace of Fun, full of slot machines for all tastes, or enjoy a good ice cream sitting on one of the benches and marvel at the views of the sea since all this is built on a giant pier. Yes, yes, an amusement park on the water! There is no better combination than maximum fun and sea breeze.

And very close to the pier on the same promenade, you can enjoy bird’s-eye views of all of Brighton. The BA i360 is a glass viewing platform that allows you to enjoy 360 views from more than 160 meters high. There is no better way to overcome the fear of heights if you are one of those who suffer from vertigo!

By the way, did you know that you can see the world turned upside down in Brighton? Next to the BA i360, on the same seafront, there is one of Brighton’s funniest attractions that you can’t miss. At Brighton’s Upside Down House (upside down, yes, literally), gravity does a 180-degree turn, so you can walk on the roof and take some super fun photos from a completely different perspective.

Strolling beyond the promenade is also a joy.

This city is full of charm, life and beautiful parks, and another place you cannot miss on your visit is the famous Royal Pavilion (also known as Brighton Pavilion). This fantastic building of Indian architectural influence was built during the reign of King George IV in the 19th century, and the mixture of Eastern styles with English is very striking. So if you like taking a tour of Asia from Brighton, you can’t miss this place!

All of this is great, and they are delightful plans, but Brighton is much more.

And there is an area you cannot miss that will make you fall in love with its authenticity, and that has been part of the history of this city since its inception. Surrounded by the seafront, the Royal Pavilion, and the steep coloured streets with infinite slopes that extend inland, it is one of the areas where locals spend their afternoons walking and shopping.

The Lanes is a labyrinth of narrow streets with brick-paved 17th and 18th-century buildings that today are charming independent shops that represent the unique spirit of Brighton and have become one of the icons and epicentres of the city. Walking around here without falling into a couple of temptations is almost impossible, but there is no better reason (or excuse) to take a souvenir (or a few) from these lands. From handcrafted jewellery to antiques, it passed through centuries-old bookstores, cafes and tea rooms full of charm.

Sometimes the suitcase is so complete that it is difficult to buy something as a souvenir or a souvenir for someone special. But if it hardly takes up space/weight or you can wear it, it is a perfect option to take a piece of Brighton with you. Baroque is an exceptional piece of jewellery where local designers work to create unique and special jewellery. Each design has a unique personality, from necklaces to earrings through bracelets and rings. Or perhaps, it is the perfect place to look for that unique ring with which to propose to your other half to spend the rest of their life with you!

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