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 Hidden things about non-expert pornography

Many people want to shoot their short films, and the possibilities are remarkably varied in the age of smartphones, cameras and the like. Movies about a hot affair between your sheets are becoming increasingly popular with couples and are not impossible – it doesn’t always need a professional set or an elaborately written story to make your porn an authentic experience for you and others. Many escort girls like making amateur porn movies!

However, this was not always the case because, before this time, the amateur film phenomenon was not so widespread in the porn industry, and material profit was not necessarily the focus of these sex films. Instead, it appeals to couples and performers to capture their fantasies and adventures on camera – whether for private use or others.

The equipment for amateur porn

When shooting porn, a smartphone or a professional camera can be used. The smartphone is often enough to capture the affair for private use alone. However, suppose you want to inspire other users on the Internet. In that case, you should use a camera that brings some excitement to the film with various functions and captures different perspectives better.

In addition, a tripod is necessary, without which one cannot shoot a good amateur film. Finally, during sex, it becomes difficult to keep the camera in your hand when couples want to live out their sexual fantasies. Image shakers are also a real turnoff. A microphone is also essential to integrate the viewer audiovisually into the action and capture the excitement during sex. After all, no sex film has made it very far without sound. Horny Escorts is an agency that develops you personally and helps you by advising you the right way!

The proper camera work during sex

Of course, good camera work is the be-all and end-all in porn. However, this is often left to the performers themselves. Some couples actively look for a third person, but this is not common practice. Porn should offer variety and not only be shot from a single perspective – close-ups of the penis and vagina, oral sex or different and unusual sex practices are also part of it because that’s exactly what viewers want to see.

Therefore, technical know-how is also essential if the sleazy film is supposed to excite viewers. Porn should neither be shot entirely in the dark nor with much light. Depending on the camera, you should therefore find the optimal angle and keep an eye on the lighting conditions – but first, you have to know your camera and always consider factors such as exposure time or aperture.

The shooting of the film

When shooting amateur films, there are no limits to the actors. You can write the script yourself or leave it out; the positions come with the pleasure of having sex, and the recordings are up to the couples. It’s hot for viewers when filming from different perspectives, and close-ups are included.

Masturbation is also a big topic in the porn sector – after all, the partner can film and at the same time enjoy the show himself. It is only essential that couples do not show any inhibitions and that the sex is enjoyed as if there were no cameras around. Even sleazy films with a story can give the whole undertaking of that particular something and make the amateur film look almost professional. In any case, there are no limits to sexual fantasies.

Secrets of the porn industry revealed. What do the actors do during the breaks between scenes?

Actors and producers of films for adults spoke for the first time about this taboo topic until now. They revealed more unknown details about what happens behind the cameras on the Reddit social network.

Thus, a former producer of porn films dismantled some myths related to this industry. First, he says that some things are not what they seem in these films. For example, he says many actors who play gay movies are straight.

He also states that women usually fake orgasms in these films. The happiest situation is when a movie stars actors who form a couple in their personal life because they feel perfect when they have sex together.

According to other users who responded to this topic, sometimes men also fake orgasms, and then the director has to know what to do to hide this.

Regarding the salaries received by actors, this is one of the few fields in which women are paid much better than men. For example, in 2003, an actress received approximately 2,500 dollars for a sex scene, and an actor only 500 dollars.

The former producer also says that most of the time, porn movies don’t have a script, and the actors improvise. Also, during filming, between scenes, the actors take a lot of breaks, relax, have a lot of fun and send messages to their friends.

A porn actress stated that all those who play in these scenes are medically checked every two weeks. Therefore they have a much lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases than the rest of the population, where these checks are much rarer.

Another actress wanted to specify that many of those who work in this industry are vegans; on the other hand, many actresses are drug users.

Are there addicted to pornography? How can pornography addiction be treated?

Although we have seen this matter treated more through American films, it seems that pornography addiction is genuine.

It is an addiction like any other. No different from alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. Some habits are rarely discussed in Europe: addiction to online games, sex, shopping, and food. I would also add addiction to Cola, Facebook and photos on Instagram (selfies). All are treated the same: it is a behavioural deviation.

Appropriate sex education would solve a large part of this problem, especially for children who come into direct contact with pornography.

Addiction is expressed in any behaviour that a person longs for because it gives him temporary pleasure or relief and suffers unpleasant consequences. Addiction, of any kind, is neither a disease nor a choice. What does such an addiction offer:

  • We get rid of the pain.
  • We run away from difficulties.
  • We get rid of stress and pleasure.

Isn’t that what every man is looking for? And the medical explanation is straightforward:

  • We look at pornography.
  • The brain is overexcited.
  • We masturbate, which releases enormous amounts of dopamine in the brain.

That’s precisely what drugs do. Repeating this behaviour endlessly and the dopamine involved makes the rest of the activities lose their meaning.

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